Baby Steps

Season 4 Ep 912/6/07

Justine is babysitting her sister Michelle's eleven month old baby, Ameera, for two nights. The boys look forward to helping their mom baby-sit as long as they don't have to change diapers. Justine is on her own for most of the baby watching, but the entire family is enjoying Ameera's presence. That changes overnight as Ameera keeps Run and Jus up for a lot of the first night. Run is found napping the next day while Justine is still fatigued and taking care of Ameera. He feels bad and steps it up, asking Justine to take a nice stroll with him and the baby. Rev's temporary slip in daddy-hood is outshined by he love for Ameera and sadness upon seeing her leave. Meanwhile, after Vanessa and Angela see their chintzy Pastry display in the back of a Finish Line store, they go on a quest to figure out how they can get their display in the window, just like their father's Arthur Ashe shoe. They realize it's more than just selling shoes.

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