The Final Four

Season 13 Ep 151/11/2007

With Diem on her way home, CT is all business from this point on, and with good reason as the penultimate challenge is just around the corner. CT makes a new alliance with Jodi and confides that he believes they are the strongest two remaining contestants on "Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel."When the final six contestants arrive for challenge, they are not expecting the surprise TJ has in store. As it happens, this one is unique compared to what they have faced so far in that it will decide who will participate in the finals and who willautomatically be thrown to The Duel.It's called Paddle Me and places each contestant with a partner for the first half and then on their own for the second. The teams will start on a nine-foot surfboard to race to a distant island to pick up a second surf board, then paddle back on their own. The first man and woman to finishwill gain immunity from The Duel and instantly head for the finals. The rest face off in The Duel, with the victors heading to the finals.All teams are confident out of the gate, but it's not long before CT and Brad begin to feel like their partners, Svetlana and Aneesa, respectively, aren't pulling their weight, and they are exhausted when they reach the island to pick up the surfboards.The most confident players, Wes and Jodi, end up winning by leaps and bounds. For finishing second, CT and Svetlana will decide what events will make up the final Duel. Brad is disappointed when CT picks the only Duel event that intimidates him: Push Me. Svetlana is much more democratic and together with Aneesa chooses I Can.The men go first and CT is focused on collecting the flag and moving on to the final day of competition. Unfortunately, he repeats a familiar mistake and finds himself disqualified for not following the rules. When TJ announces that it has cost him the competition, CT looses his cool and verbally lashes out at everyone. After calming down, Brad and CT shake hands before CT heads to the house to pack his things.The female Duel is also very emotional. After several minutes of outbidding one another, Svetlana calls Aneesa's bluff and tells her to try to lift 73 logs. Trying with all of her might to lift the log-filled cart off the ground, Aneesa barelybudges it. When Aneesa's time is up, Svetlana rushes to give her a big hug before she too returns to the house to pack for her final departure.That brings "Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel" down to its final four contestants: Brad, Svetlana, Wes and Jodi. And it's a mix of excitement and anxiety that fills all asthey realize it won't be long before two of them will walk away $150,000 richer.