Forgive and Forget

Season 3 Ep 1411/12/2007

After the success of the Young Hollywood party, Teen Vogue editor Lisa Love decides to send Lauren and Whitney to cover an event celebrating the power of voting. It's a Declare Yourself party, and the girls will be on-hand to take notes. In preparation, The Hills girls head to the party's website to get the details and, more importantly, find out who's on the guest list. When Brent Bolthouse's name pops up, Lauren and Whitney wonder whether Heidi will be there.Meanwhile, over at Bolthouse, Heidi finds out that she'll be attending the party. She and Kimberly have tickets courtesy of Brent, and they're both looking forward to hitting the red carpet and having some fun.That night at the star-studded Declare Yourself party, Whitney and Lauren agree that this is their best Teen Vogue assignment yet. For once, they've been told to just enjoy themselves and have fun. But who knows how long their fun will last - especially when Heidi and Kimberly are spotted.Meanwhile, Audrina and Justin head to a bar, where Audrina plays with Justin's hair as he puts his head down on the table. Although it looks like Justin isn't feeling the date, Audrina's excited to share the news that she's been promoted at Epic Records. When she says she's nervous about the new position, Justin pounds down a shot and lets out a big burp.Back at the party, Whitney asks Lauren if she's upset that Heidi's there. Lauren shrugs, saying she can't do anything about the situation. Although Lauren opts to ignore Heidi, her former BFF marches right up to her. Heidi asks how Lauren's doing, but Lauren refuses to answer, saying she won't talk to Heidi until she apologizes for spreading those nasty sex tape rumors awhile ago. Heidi argues that she hasn't done anything wrong, but Lauren says she's guilty by association with Spencer. When it becomes clear that they won't reach an agreement, Heidi walks off.The next morning, Lauren fills Audrina in on all the drama that went down. Upset with Heidi's denial, Lauren says that doing nothing is sometimes the same as committing the crime. Lauren can't understand how Heidi can sleep next to someone that spread such lies.After her big promotion at Epic, Audrina's first assignment is to attend Sean Kingston's Jimmy Kimmel Live rehearsal with Chiara. As Sean sings, Audrina checks the time, saying that she's supposed to go out with Justin. Chiara says they won't be done until much later.At Teen Vogue, Lauren gets a surprising IM from Heidi. Hoping to clear the air, Heidi asks Lauren if they can meet up and talk. Heidi says she wants to put all of their drama in the past, and Lauren reluctantly invites Heidi over to the apartment after work.Backstage at Jimmy Kimmel, Audrina and Chiara ask Sean Kingston to sign some autographs for them. Sean gives the girls a lesson in the latest lingo, and, when their work is done, The Hills girls get a big hug from the man himself. Walking out, Audrina wonders if she should give Justin a ring, but she ultimately decides not to.While on the computer, Spencer stumbles across an open IM chat that steals his attention. Calling Heidi over, he asks what's up with the Lauren conversation. Heidi says she wants to put the past behind them and try to work things out, but Spencer tells her to be careful heading into the "lion's den."The next day at Epic, Chiara brings over a vase full of flowers from Sean Kingston. Although Audrina was nervous about her first big project, she's excited that the day went so smoothly.That night, Heidi pulls up to her old apartment holding yellow roses for Lauren. Inside, Heidi apologizes for the way things went down at the party, saying that their situation has gotten way out of hand with all the rumors and "he said, she said" nonsense. Heidi swears she had nothing to do with the rumors but refuses to say that Spencer had any part in it. If Spencer did do anything, though, she says she's sorry on his behalf.Lauren questions Heidi, saying she has to know that Spencer did it. Heidi says her man isn't bad, while Lauren says she wishes Heidi could understand how awful the rumor was for her. Heidi says she wishes everything could be taken back and that she misses having Lauren as a friend. Almost in tears, Lauren says she doesn't understand how Spencer could hate her so much and why Heidi is sticking by him.Heidi makes a final effort to apologize for the things that have happened to Lauren and the way their friendship ended, and Lauren appreciates the effort. But Lauren just can't seem to forgive and forget, so Heidi decides it's time to leave.