Rob & B.B. 108

Season 1 Ep 812/21/2006

The season finale finds Rob grappling with life and death issues, questioning Big Black's protection abilities and working on his last will and testament. Oh yeah, there's also Big's proposed entry into the male hygiene market: the "man-pon."Rob's been dreaming that Big can't save him from getting capped, and Big decides to prove his worth as Rob's keeper. But before a trip to the lawyer, where Rob gets all emo talking about an untimely demise and leaving Big his most important worldly possessions -- whips, plasma screens, leftovers in the fridge -- Big introduces the man-pon, a personal product he envisions for the guy on the go who's got to go. It's something that, in a pinch, he feels this could save a guy who's got to pinch.Big does indeed leave some severe skid marks ... on the raceway where he takes his act to learn some action-movie steering skills. He demonstrates a questionable level of success in testing them out in a simulated car chase behind the wheel of a ghetto version of the General Lee. Fake it 'til you make it, boys!After their lesson in ridin' dirty, the gruesome twosome busts out their best Jackie Chan moves at a karate dojo. During their sparring match, Rob tries to take down his larger-than-life opponent but quickly gets served by 400 pounds of Big Black.Still concerned for Rob's ultimate safety, it's off to a shooting range where two fine female shooters peg them with paint, and Rob takes a bullet in the butt. The double duel doesn't last as long as it otherwise might have as Big feels a deadly dump coming on. With no man-pon in place, he doesn't want to risk gambling and losing, so they quickly pack it in and head home.Back at the crib, Big's Spidey sense tells him that something's amiss. Finally -- a chance to try out those stealth moves! Big carefully cases the joint with Rob tiptoeing cautiously behind. Lo and behold, he's on the money! Someone's been sleeping in Rob's bed... er... hanging out in his pool. Big pulls out his paintball piece and nails the aquatic offender -- an unsuspecting Drama (Rob's cousin) -- who's innocently vacuuming up the yukky muck at the bottom of the pool. But, had this been a REAL emergency, it's agreed that Rob is in good hands, and their bond of brotherhood is cemented.

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