Season 6 Ep 3

Amanda's ready to turn in her "ditzy blonde" reputation for a chance at becoming an extreme snowboarder. Known as the Paris Hilton of Carson High, Amanda faces some tough expectations not only from her friends and MADE coach Dingo, but her sports enthusiast father, who has a hard time seeing Amanda as anything but a "girl's girl."Amanda begins her transformation by meeting her MADE coach, Dingo, who at 19 already has four years of pro snowboarding under his belt. Dingo and pals, who call themselves the Grenerds, see that Amanda takes to the slopes like a pro, which means boarding, wiping out, and learning that helpful little skill -- stopping mid-board -- all on her first weekend of boarding. But as her training progresses, Amanda's behind takes a beating and her social life deflates, forcing Amanda to realign her priorities and focus on her new passion: snowboarding.Dingo and the Grenerds introduce Amanda to "the box," the snowboard ramp she must conquer in preparation for the board competition looming ahead. Amanda practices on and off the slopes, getting some extra -- and somewhat unwanted -- coaching from her dad, who sees to it that Amanda practices on the mini ramp Dingo's set up in her backyard. When a snowstorm hampers Amanda's training and she takes a day off, her training's not the only thing hit hard. Amanda breaks down in front of Dingo, kicking off her snowboard and leaving Dingo alone in her backyard.All the training -- not to mention wipe outs on the slopes -- pays off when Amanda lands her first trick at the snowboard competition, just six short weeks after beginning her training. Amanda boards not only on "the box," but lands a jump off an eight-feet-tall van brought in for the competition. But Dingo and her friends aren't the only ones ecstatic about her transformation from girly girl to extreme snowboarder. Amanda's dad is there not only to see Amanda rock the competition, but experience firsthand Amanda boarding away her blonde reputation blues. Amanda's been MADE.

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