Lose Weight

Season 6 Ep 18

Danielle gained a lot of weight after her father died because she ate food to comfort herself. Now she wants to be MADE healthier. Olympic trainer Julie is the coach who's going to whip Danielle into shape and prepare her for a 5K race. But after only their first workout, Danielle throws up.Next, Julie sends Danielle off to a camp for weight loss. Danielle initially isolates herself, missing her boyfriend, Justin, and feeling that the other girls are "skinny" compared to her. But after she opens herself up to making friends, she gets motivated and loses fourteen pounds. Her accomplishment, however, is bittersweet, since few peers notice her weight loss and Justin isn't there to greet her. What's worse, he's not from her Pennsylvania hometown, and he calls to say he's not sure when he'll be around again. Danielle feels empty.To help Danielle regain her self-esteem, another MADE coach, plus-size model, Maiysha helps out. Maiysha gets Danielle a makeover and helps her to realize that big is beautiful. Danielle has a professional photo shoot and is a model for a day in New York.Later, Justin shows up before the race and promises to be there for her. With supporters by her side, Danielle overcomes an injured ankle to complete the race. She lost twenty-four pounds during her experience, and was MADE into a whole new person.

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