Just Be Careful…

Season 3 Ep 234/7/08

Lauren starts turning a little green with envy when Whitney fills her in on her new job at People's Revolution. Still just an intern at Teen Vogue, Lauren jealously admits that Whitney's new gig sounds like her dream job. But as glamorous as Whitney's job may sound, it's definitely not easy.Fashion Week in Los Angeles is quickly approaching and People's Revolution owner Kelly Cutrone warns her staff that the upcoming week will be full of long, hard hours and she expects complete devotion from everyone. When her co-worker Jessica drops the ball when it comes to celebrity outreach, Whitney steps up and makes a suggestion. While Whitney won some brownie points with Kelly, she may have just made her first enemy at her new job.Lonely at Teen Vogue, Lauren calls Whitney and tries to strike up a conversation. But Whitney's way too busy to talk to her BFF, so she cuts the conversation short. After hanging up, Lauren sighs and looks at Whitney's old desk.That night, Heidi and Stephanie have a long-overdue girls night out at Vice. Heidi hasn't been out partying with girlfriends in forever, so she's happy for the change of pace. When she spots Audrina across the room, she goes over to try to make amends. Heidi admits she's been feeling lonely and would like to hang out with Audrina again. After all, they were friends before Audrina even met Lauren. But Audrina says she doesn't want to get in the middle of things. While Audrina is impressed with Heidi's efforts, she doesn't plan on taking Heidi up on her offer to renew their friendship.At the gym, Lauren grills Whitney on her new job. Whitney says it's a million times more intense than Teen Vogue and invites Lauren to stop by the office.When Lauren sees Stephanie in class, Stephanie tells her that Heidi and Audrina were seen talking at Vice. Lauren looks really worried. When she gets home, she asks Audrina if it's true that she was talking to Heidi. Audrina admits they chatted but promises that she'd never go behind Lauren's back and hang out with Heidi.The next day, Lauren visits People's Revolution and winds up helping Whitney organize a rack of clothing. When one of Whitney's bosses sees how interested Lauren is in fashion, she asks Lauren to help out during Fashion Week. Lauren happily jumps at the opportunity. Could this lead to her and Whitney working together again?Meanwhile, a determined Heidi, desperate for friendship, decides to go to Lauren and Audrina's apartment under the guise of picking up some things she left behind when she moved out. Luckily, Audrina's the only one there, and Heidi immediately starts to gossip about Lauren and Stephanie's friendship. When Audrina doesn't have anything to say, Heidi takes it as her cue to leave ... but not before asking Audrina to call her if she ever feels like hanging out.When Audrina fills Lauren in on the visit, Lauren is livid that Heidi was in her apartment. Could Heidi be trying to tear Lauren and Audrina apart?

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