Unicorn Cupcakes
    2 cups Crispy rice cereal
    2 cups mini Marshmallows
    1 ½  Tbsp. Butter
    food coloring: blue, yellow, green, red, hot pink
    Chocolate or gummy candies for eyes and ears
    Mini sugar cone
    Icing bag
    Flower Icing tip

    1. In a microwavable bowl combine butter and marshmallows. Microwave for 1:30.
    2. Pour in crispy rice and add 5-8 drops pink food coloring. Stir rapidly to combine until mixture is an even pink.
    3. In a 4 inch souffle dish, press mixture down to shape to the container. Pile on more and pat into a dome shape. If inspired, pat a small nub on the front to create a nose for your unicorn.
    4. Spread icing over the dome surface.
    5. Separate icing into 4 small dishes, and add food coloring of preference to each (blue, yellow, green, orange.)
    6. Place each color in the same icing bag being careful not to fully mix colors.
    7. Using a flower tip, squeeze the rainbow of icing colors onto the top of your cupcake to resemble a mane. Flow the icing out from a center line down the backside of your cupcake.
    8. Push a mini sugar cone into the top of the rainbow mane to act as the horn.
    9. Push chocolate candies onto the front for the eyes, ears, and cut a candy in half for the mouth if desired.
    10. Add a dash of sprinkles, and you're ready to brighten anyone's day!