Shower Caddy
    1 of each Shower caddy:
    For pots, toilet paper, spices, nail polish
    3 of these for movie night
    Props to add:
    12 small potted succulents, or plants
    5 of each - popcorn, soda cans, candy boxes
    5 rolls toilet paper
    10 bottles of various spices
    Various fruit - pears, apples, bananas, oranges
    14 assorted nail polishes

    1. Add small plants to the caddy to grow your interior garden and still save space.
    2. Hold apples, oranges, pears inside while hanging the bananas off the side to store fruit in the kitchen.
    3. For hosting movie night, add popcorn, soda, and candy to the caddy for friends to enjoy their own personal concession stand.
    4. Store all your nail polish into the caddy to easy storage (easier than having then in a dresser drawer, where you can't see the colors!)
    5. Put your toilet paper in it and hang it on a nail behind the bathroom door or next to the toilet.