Recycle Home Items
    Binder clips
    Various cords
    Toilet paper rolls
    Lots and lots of pens, markers, school supplies you need to organize
    Magnetic baking sheet
    Heavy-duty mounting tape
    All of your post-it notes and extra papers

    Organize All the Loose Cords
    1. If you have a mess of cords, simply put a binder clip at the end of your desk.
    2. Hang the cord from the end of the binder clip.
    3. Instant organization!

    Organize Your Desk Supplies
    1. Save your toilet paper rolls.
    2. Place them into an old shoebox so they fit snugly.
    3. Place the shoebox on your desk.
    4. You can now organize all of your pens and markers into separate areas as you see fit.

    Organize All of the Small Notes
    1. Grab a baking sheet.  
    2. Put the heavy-duty mounting tape on all 4 corners on the back of the baking sheet.
    3. Use the magnets to organize the small papers and post-it notes.
    4. Place on your fridge, wall, anywhere that makes it easier for you to see them.