Record Topped Cupcakes
    Your favorite box of cupcake mix (Chocolate or Red Velvet suggested) pre-made
    2 Sticks of Butter
    1-2 Teaspoons of Vanilla
    5 ½ Cups Powdered Sugar
    1-2 Tablespoons of whole milk
    12 Licorice Pinwheels
    Classic Color Writing Icing
    1. Bake your favorite cupcakes – Chocolate or Red Velevet
    2. Bring 2 sticks of unsalted butter to room temperature, place into mixing bowl.
    3. Begin to blend butter with a cup of powdered sugar and teaspoon of vanilla.
    4. Add another cup of powdered sugar continue to blend and repeat until all of 5 ½ cups of sugar is blended.
    5. Add a tablespoon of Milk to desired consistency of frosting
    6. Frost the Cupcake in a circular motion.
    7. Place Licorice Pinwheel on top of Cupcake
    8. In the Center of the Licorice Pinwheel squeeze one of the colors of the Color Icing to look like the center of a Record.