Festival Flower Crown
    Bulletin Board (4 ft x 4 ft at least)
    Push pins
    Clothes pins
    Light pink thin ribbon (1/2 inch)
    Turquoise thin ribbon (1/2 inch)
    Flowers – carnations, daisies, ranunculas
    Floral wire
    Needlenose pliers
    Wire cutters
    Floral tape
    1. Select flowers for your crown. We suggest sturdy flowers, such as daisies, mini roses, and carnations.
    2. Using the floral wire, measure your head. Create a circle with the wire that fits comfortably. Use the wire to create three identical loops, then wrap them together using a fourth wire loop. You can use needlenose pliers to bend in any stray wire ends.
    3. Select a flower, and cut the bloom, leaving approximately two inches of stem. Place it on your crown, then using a small piece of floral wire, secure the bloom to the circle. Use pliers again to tuck in any stray ends of wire.
    4. Using a contrasting bloom, repeat this process, securing with floral wire.
    5. Tightly wrap your crown in floral tape to secure everything in place.
    6. Cut ribbon into two feet long strips. Add ribbon to the back of your flower crown.
    7. To preserve your flower crown, spray with hair spray and allow to dry.
    8. After use, your flower crown becomes a chic wall decoration. Add photos from your favorite festivals to cherish your flower crown for years to come.