Emoji Key Holder
    Tennis Balls
    Box Cutter
    1 Tube of Tacky Glue
    Small Suction Cup (6)
    Googly Eyes (12)
    Small Plastic Hearts (4)
    Pink Felt for tongue (1 piece 9x12'')
    Glue Gun
    Glue Sticks for Glue Gun
    Acrylic paint in yellow (1 can)
    Paint brush (1)
    Cardboard to paint on to protect table surface (at least 3 ft x 3 ft)
    #2 Pencil, sharpened (1)
    Wash cloth (1)
    1. Using a box cutter, cut a straight line down the center of the tennis ball, approximately 2'' long. This will be the mouth for your emoji tennis ball.
    2. Use the box cutter to poke a hole on the opposite side of the tennis ball. Use the screwdriver to widen the hole to fit the small end of the suction cup.
    3. Cover your workspace with cardboard or newspaper to protect your painting surface. Paint your entire tennis ball with water-soluble yellow acrylic paint. Allow to completely dry.
    4. Using a hot glue gun, apply googly eyes above the mouth slot.
    5. Get creative with materials to make different emojis. You can use small acrylic hearts for Heart Eyes, pink felt for a tongue.
    6. Place hot glue around the small hole you created, then insert the suction cup.
    7. Mount your tennis ball emoji, insert your keys in his mouth, and enjoy!