DIY Dorm Room Chandelier
    18 ft. crystal garland strands
    2 100-bulb icicle string lights
    8x10" white wooden frame
    10 ft. fishing wire

    1. Remove glass and matte from picture frame. Place on working surface, face up.
    2. Wrap icicle lights around picture frame, allowing the "icicle" strands to hang down. Repeat until you create a chandelier effect with strands hanging evenly all the way around the frame.
    3. Place 1' crystal strands every 2'' around the frame.
    4. Place a dot of glue on the inside of the picture frame, and press the top of the crystal strand into the hot glue.Repeat until all crystal strands are secured.
    5. Use white electrical tape to secure the lights and crystal strands as needed.
    6. Hang your new chandelier using fishing wire to create a floating effect.