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Election Day

Vote because they said you wouldn't go to the polls. We have to show them that young people pay attention to politics, and we care what happens to our country.

-Sheletia, 23
Inkster, MI

Instead of complaining about what's going on in the country, take five minutes out of your life and try to change it! If we all vote, we can make a difference!

-Ilona, 19
Orlando, FL

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison so he could vote. What's your excuse?

-Anthony, 18
Long Island, NY

Vote! I can't stress it enough! This is the only time you get to voice your own opinion instead of having the government control everything you do. So speak out and vote.

-Katelyn, 18
Lebanon, PA

I think that people shouldn't vote based on their religious beliefs or what their parents say, but for who will do what's best for our country and for them. Go out, make a difference and vote on November 2. It's the best way to get what you want done!

-Shantee', 15
Baton Rouge, LA

After reading about the challengers at the polls, I want to encourage everyone not to be scared away or intimidated by these thugs. It's your right. Stand up for it.

-Brian, 19
Cincinnati, OH

I'm voting because I don't want Bush taking away my right to marry my boyfriend.

-Rob, 18
Dryden, NY

I'm voting because I will be an officer in the U.S. Navy when I graduate. I want to help decide who will be my leader for the next four years of my life. Besides, I'll be helping protect everyone's right to vote and voice their opinions so I should get out and use my voice also.

-Emily, 20
Evanston, IL

As an African-American female voting in my second election, I thank those who preceded me so that I can vote.

-Semirra, 22
Peekskill, NY

I've already voted, but I still love to read interviews by both Bush and Kerry. I love how Kerry seems to make himself available to the people, whether they are young adults or older people. I definitely want a president who's going to be thinking about me. I think it's great Kerry said he'd speak on MTV.

-Monique, 22
Las Vegas, NV

The media should not speculate about the winner of the presidential election until the polls have all closed and the votes are counted. Each vote should count - guessing discourages potential voters.

-Callie, 21
Temperance, MI

I think the race will be very close but I believe that what everybody is doing to encourage young people is very important and is working. I was called about seven times telling me to vote - and I will!

-Kassie, 24
St. Paul, MN

I'm going to cast my vote because I want to see our country in the leadership of a president who knows how to make up his mind and be supportive of our country.

-Lauren, 19
Brandon, FL

As much as I'm split between the two presidential candidates, I respect Kerry more for taking time to be interviewed, while Bush is losing votes by not taking the time to deal with issues voiced by younger voters.

-Jaclyn, 17
Scarborough, ME

Even though I'm from Massachusetts, if I was able to vote in this upcoming election, I would not vote for Kerry. I believe Bush did a good job as president under the circumstances.

-Ashley, 15
Boston, MA

After all the hype about the presidential election, how could you not want to vote? It's going to be exciting and we have the right and freedom to participate in it. It's time for a change - I'm voting for Kerry.

-Adrienne, 24
Fort Wayne, IN

I am going to vote for a safe and free America. Osama bin Laden wants every woman to wear a head scarf and long dress and keep their mouth shut. Kerry is too wishy-washy and will let it happen. I will vote for George Bush because I know he will stand up to him and my freedom as a young woman.

-Mary, 19
Akron, OH

It is so hard to make up your mind. I am leaning Republican but I also want gay rights and women's rights for abortion.

-Kristin, 18
Mishawaka, IN

I'm active-duty military and I'm voting so I can decide who I'm going to be working for.

-Ryan, 19
Gettysburg, PA

I support Bush, but he completely ignored my demographic ... and Kerry may have just swayed my vote.

-Ken, 25
Marlton, NJ

I am voting because I believe that I can help prevent war, poverty, poor education and high taxes - with one vote.

-Danielle, 20
Winona, MN

I am an 18-year-old college freshmen. I voted for President Bush by absentee ballot. He has strong faith, determination and above all, a backbone. Bush stands up for what is right, despite what others think. He is the type of leader our country deserves to have.

-Becca, 18
Magnolia, AR

I'm voting not only for me, but for my family that can't vote. I am a voice for them when I go out November 2 and cast my vote!

-Luz, 19
New York, NY

I'm voting for several reasons. One is in Iraq, the other is a 72-year-old immigrant grandmother, the other is going to be a college student next fall, the other is a veteran who works for the health-care system, two of them work for local companies, one of them works for a social service agency. But the main reason I'm voting is not only for my family, but because I CAN.

-Lili, 24
Lakewood, WA

I am voting for my daughter's future. I want my daughter to grow up in a world that will allow her to make her own decisions, so that when she gets older she can vote for the right person and not regret it later in life. It is better to run freely through life than to live like zombies.

-Cynthia, 20
San Antonio, TX

It's about being an American, period. Voting is a birthright. We must all remember that it's not about Democrats or Republicans. The United States of America is a democratic country, by the people for the people. Go out and VOTE for the people! After all, this is OUR country. Who runs it? WE decide.

-Gissell, 25
Catskill, NY

We're finally old enough to have a say in what happens in our world, let's exercise the right!

-Scott, 18
Cleburne, TX

We shouldn't just think about ourselves. We should think about the big picture. We should always consider those less fortunate than ourselves. I'm voting ... Kerry, I hope you do your part!

-Jessica, 20
Jackson Heights, NY

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