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Where's The President?

I am a Republican and I don't understand why Bush won't agree to an interview with MTV. It might be a good campaign stop for him. Is he afraid because he wears briefs?

-Stacy, 14
Leawood, KS

I think the reason why President Bush will not appear on MTV, despite the political gain he would receive, is because he has high moral standards and the programming on MTV [doesn't live up to those standards]. I applaud him for not going on MTV and for standing up for what he believes in.

-Lindsay, 25
Canton, MI

I'm glad President Bush hasn't granted your requests for an interview. It reflects upon his overall decisions for young people -- he ignores us. Young voters should know that!

-Corrine, 24
New York, NY

If you're wondering why George W. Bush hasn't had an interview with MTV yet, perhaps it's because he's been working to help millions of Floridians get back on our feet after a devastating hurricane season. Thank you, Mr. President.

-Dee, 21
Pensacola, FL

Splitting The Rocky Mountain State

I think that it is a good idea for Colorado to split up their votes. This way every person's vote counts toward the candidate they want to win.

-Karen, 14
Flowery Branch, GA

Splitting Electoral College votes could be the best thing to ever happen to the way we vote. Think of it as censorship -- if the minority votes Kerry and you are among that minority, your state automatically gives all its electoral votes to Bush. That means your state is speaking for you as a Bush supporter; and vice versa if you [vote Bush and he doesn't win a majority].

-Lisa, 22
Pittsburgh, PA

Colorado has every right to split its electoral votes. The state is taking the first steps to making the elections fair!

-Lisa, 25
Flagstaff, AZ

As a Coloradoan, I think this is a stupid idea. The purpose of the electoral vote system is for popular sovereignty, which gives more power to smaller states. It totally violates the whole voting system in general.

-Scott, 18
Denver, CO

Nobody argues against the Electoral College until it hinders their party's stance. So what's the answer?

-Linsey, 23
Savannah, GA

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