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The Second Bush/Kerry Debate

Kerry has real answers. Bush resorts to name calling. Kerry is willing to lay out a plan. Bush avoids the question. Kerry is the clear winner of this debate.

-Michelle, 31
Kent, WA

Bush comes across as far more sincere and credible. Whether you agree with him or not, he stands by his convictions. Kerry comes across as the consummate politician only moved by the way the polls lead him, leaving him lacking in credibility.

-Mike, 22
Fort Meyers, FL

"Is my time up?" - George W. Bush ... Yes George, it is.

-Stephen, 19
Nashville, TN

Many are saying Kerry sounded more articulate. Well, I say Bush sounded more realistic!

-Chantelle, 22
Carlsbad, CA

Kerry once again proved himself to be much more articulate, poised, factual and certainly presidential. You must be a great speaker to be a great leader/statesman! Anyone who is fair-minded and educated would have to agree!

-Dan, 23
San Diego, CA

Kerry dominated the first debate, but I think Bush swayed me towards him in the second debate.

-Sonia, 29
Houston, TX

John Kerry wins again. He is controlled and well prepared. His answers are clear and he was able to outline solutions to the problems facing the U.S. instead of throwing accusations and insults at the other candidate as George W. did.

-Vega, 35
Milpitas, CA

The second presidential debate was a great chance for citizens to get their own questions answered. Bush was very clear on what needs to be done to make this country the best it can be. He shows true leadership, facing the harsh realities, unlike Kerry, who is full of unobtainable campaign promises.

-Becca, 18
Gainesville, FL

John Kerry is a great debater! His ideas are very clear and on the right track. All Bush has is his corny little jokes (i.e. Got Wood?). If he had any clue as to run the country, he would not have to hide behind the sarcasm he finds so comforting.

-Heather, 23
Denver, CO

I think Kerry won the first debate and Bush clearly won the second debate. I think Bush has the overall better plan for Iraq and our economy. Why would you punish the small business owners that create jobs and fuel economic growth? Think about $200,000 a year including retained earnings for a business, it's not much money at all if you want to grow your business!

-Brian, 29
Mentor, OH

Kerry totally won this Friday night, showing that he had both style and substance, compared to Bush's empty promises and delusional rhetoric.

-Charlotte, 26
Oakland, CA

It would be so much easier to think about voting for Kerry if the man would finally answer a question! Seriously. Through the debate tonight, he never answered, or worse, he beat around the bush. I'm not the biggest fan of Bush, but at least he answers his questions with an actual answer, not just by attacking the other guy.

-Nikita, 22
Houston, TX

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