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Bush vs. Kerry: Round Three

Kerry was way more articulate and realistic. Bush focused on voting records and the past to make Kerry look bad, while Kerry actually had realistic, great plans for this country.

-Karen, 19
La Jolla, CA

Senator Kerry can not answer a direct question. He simply replies to what President Bush had previously stated in a past topic.

-Michael, 20
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

I find that it is evident that Kerry has Bush "against the ropes." Kerry's plan is logical. All that I saw Bush do is attempt to point out the so-called "flaws" of Kerry's plan rather than providing us his own.

-Chris, 22
Garland, TX

Bush isn't perfect, I am well aware, but he sees a lot more of the big picture. Kerry sees fame and power, and a spray-on tanning booth every other week.

-Tenille, 24
Chicago, IL

How can anyone trust Kerry? Kerry does not have a plan. He has no way to actually comply with his problems. Although Bush does not have all the answers, he is trustworthy, and one thing is for sure: We will always know where he stands.

-Melissa, 22
Auburn, AL

The final debate has made my choice clear as day. All Bush has given me is the broken-record syndrome. At least Kerry has given us a plan for our future and for fixing the past. The path is clear and easy: Kerry is the man to run our country!

-Stephanie, 19
St. Louis, MO

One point that is sticking out right now is the fact that they are using religion in their choice. I am religious, but I think it is wrong to use it in this debate on their choice for what they want. Religion is not supposed to be used in office, schools, the workplace, etc.

-Kimberly, 17
Spokane, WA

As far as the third debate goes, I got so tired of Bush avoiding wages and job/outsourcing questions and [answering] about his plans that deal with education. Sure, education is important, it really is, however, stick with the question and answer what was asked of you. And don't even get me started on "No Child Left Behind."

-Savannah, 18
De Pere, WI

Kerry is willing to change the way of life. Bush goes by his old beliefs and his religion. I think Kerry is ready to be our president.

-David, 18
Auburn, CA

Kerry is all-around better, he has more style, he is more articulate, and he just can show me he cares about me!

-Carly, 14
Solon, OH

Senator Kerry wants to raise the minimum wage to $7 an hour. If you have ever worked in a small business, you know that most of the time this is not possible. My boss cannot afford to pay me more than $5.75 an hour. She is not a franchise; she puts her entire personal life and money into her business. If she was forced to pay her employees more than she could afford, her business would go under. And she is not the only one. Senator Kerry does not realize the impact of raising the minimum wage that drastically. He wants to help small business, but if elected he will cut the legs out from under the small businesses of America.

-Megan, 19
Boone, NC

How could someone not vote for Kerry when he says he will the raise minimum wage? I've been paid minimum wage before; it sucks. Raise the minimum wage!

-Becca, 18
West Bath, ME

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