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VP Candidates Face Off

The vice presidential debate was even more lopsided than the first presidential debate. Edwards worked it like the smooth Southern politician he is, while Cheney looked more like one of those dudes from "Grumpy Old Men."

-Rancid, 24
Woodbury, TN

Vice President Cheney won not only on substance, but also on style.

-Mike, 24
Allentown, PA

I think Tuesday night's debate was clear and concise on Cheney's part, and a bit unorganized on Edwards' side. It seemed that Edwards' answers were always one step behind. He couldn't answer the question asked without playing catch-up from the previous one. A majority of his responses consisted of answers from the previous question, and on a couple instances, he eluded the question at hand and didn't answer it at all.

-Grant, 23
Ocala, FL

I was very impressed with John Edwards' ability to go toe to toe with Vice President Cheney in Tuesday's debate. Edwards' youthful optimism and "can do better" attitude went a long way toward building on the momentum established by John Kerry last Thursday in Miami.

-Kevin, 30
Avondale, AZ

Cheney kicked butt. He is a much more qualified candidate. And while Edwards is a smooth-talking lawyer, anyone can see that he used a few facts over and over and that he votes for different views at different times. I think he is just trying to play to the polls and is not really choosing a stance. Kerry does the same.

-Katie, 21
Arlington, VA

Dick Cheney must have gotten debate coaching from the Artful Dodger. Did he answer a single question directly? Even when asked about the high unemployment rate and poverty in the host city of Cleveland, the best he could do was praise Bush's tax cuts for the rich.

-Eric, 44
Austin, TX

Cheney wasn't answering a number of the questions posed, much like Bush didn't answer many questions last week. Kerry and Edwards are better capable of defending themselves and our country. Cheney further proved that this administration has no grip on reality.

-Adri, 31
Chicago, IL

As a swing voter, it was good to see the debate Tuesday night. I thought last week's debate was a clear victory for Kerry. After checking some facts, I now believe Bush is just a poor speaker. I voted for Gore in 2000, but I think Iraq is just too important to lose. We have to win. After hearing Cheney debate, I believe I have made my decision to vote for Bush.

-Jason, 29
Cedar Rapids, IA

While watching the vice-presidential debate, I noticed that both John Edwards and Dick Cheney were totally more articulate than George Bush and John Kerry. They both did a good job. It's a hard call as to who won, but I like Cheney.

-Sophia, 29
San Francisco, CA

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