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Assault Weapons Ban

Wave farewell to a nonsensical and ineffective law. "Assault weapons" as defined by the 1994 ban are no more deadly or dangerous than other readily available, legal semi-automatic firearms. More people die every year in America from medical malpractice and auto accidents than have been killed by assault weapons. Get high school football while you're at it - we've had at least two kids in Pennsylvania drop dead this year from football games and practice.

-Chris, 28
Pittsburgh, PA

Congress needs to step up and extend the ban on assault weapons. The last thing we need is more guns on the street. Is it a dead issue because the weapons will primarily be in minority neighborhoods? Or do we have to wait until they are in the hands of angry teens in some school in Middle America?

-Rachel, 20
Bronx, NY

When that ban was enacted, all gun manufacturers had to do was stop putting a bayonet lug on, or a folding stock, or a threaded barrel. Then the gun was perfectly legal. So in fact "assault" weapons have been for sale all throughout this 10 year ban. I know because I bought my AK-47 just this year! And if this ban were popular among the people, then why are the [politicians] so scared to lose their jobs if they were to vote to extend it?

-Matt, 19
Jacksonville, FL

9/11 Anniversary and 1,000 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

With the death toll in Iraq reaching 1,000, how can anyone believe that President Bush is doing a good job? I think it's time for the U.S. to redeem itself in the international arena by choosing a new leader who will focus on all the important issues, rather than just one issue. Terrorism is a very serious issue but it can't be the only issue mentioned on the campaigning platform.

-Natalia, 23
Washington, DC

I just have a question for the people who think that Bush did a bad job in Iraq. What would you have said about him if he didn't send our troops over to Iraq and they actually had weapons of mass destruction, and then used them against us?

-Nick, 21
Lake Charles, LA

Does anyone know the reason why we're at war?

-Joe, 17
Austin, TX

Saturday was the anniversary of September 11, a day in which more than 3,000 people lost their lives. It also marks the day when over 1,000 soldiers were killed in Iraq to stop terrorism. How many more people do we need to kill to stop the killing?

-Sierra, 21
Shelton, WA

I think the biggest question for myself is this. Do the Iraqi people believe that our actions are more for our own benefit or for theirs?

-Michael, 26
Rock Island, IL

Why does anyone think it was OK to invade a country that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks? All of the sudden, it was good idea to liberate the people of Iraq? Why not the people of Cuba or Haiti?

-Frances, 22
Tallahassee, FL


Only about two more weeks left to register to vote in time to receive your registration card for this November's Presidential election. It takes very little time to pick up a registration form at your local post office, less than one minute to fill it out, and less than one minute to mail it out. Think about it, only a few moments and you could help make a decision that will change the course of the world forever. Take part in our society by simply utilizing the rights that so many fought so hard for us to have today. Say "thank you and I do care about our future" by taking a few minutes to register to vote, but do it soon or it will be too late.

-Sarah, 26
Chattanooga, TN

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