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Conventional Republicans

The Republican National Convention reminded me of a pay-per-view wrestling championship. There was a lot of production, a lot of talk, and of course the reigning champion was chosen behind closed doors without any help from the viewing audience.

-Mark, 24
Murfeesboro, TN

How can you not be moved by President Bush's speech at the convention? I'm so proud to be voting for him in November!

-Jeremy, 21
San Diego, CA

Can't the Republican Party ever discuss the issues? All they can do is attack the opposing party and be a bunch of name callers. It's time to grow up and face the facts, not act like a 5-year-old calling people names.

-Stephanie, 20
Jeannette, PA

Why do we have conventions anymore? They used to announce the candidates for president and their running mates. We already know who they are, and the candidates have been campaigning. So why have them if it will just cause security and other issues? Each candidate should make a speech and it is over. That would be a lot better and safer.

-Kevin, 14
Wantagh, NY

I can't believe the nerve of Dick Cheney desecrating a Vietnam veteran's heroic record when he himself dodged the draft a total of five times. And the ridiculous flip-flop gimmick and offensive "Purple Heart" Band-Aids were the icing on the trashy cake. I think the road to hell is paved with Republicans.

-Leigh, 14
Boston, MA

Bush did an excellent job conveying his message of stability and strength to the American public.

-Daniel, 18
Gig Harbor, WA

Terror is the only issue that seems to be on the Republicans' minds. I didn't hear them mention anything about the economy, healthcare, jobs, or anything else that's affecting this nation. Fighting terror is one thing, not the only thing. Keeping the country in fear seems to be the method to Bush's madness!

-Kenneth, 25
Atlanta, GA

Street Legal

If we really are a democracy, why do we have to have a permit to rally in our own public streets that we paid for with our precious taxes?

-Fabiola, 18
Seattle, WA

I know free speech is one of the most precious rights of Americans that make us feel important and valued in our government. However, some of the lengths protesters go to in order to prove a point is ridiculous and sometimes immature. For example, the protesters that made their way into the Republican National Convention and had to be pulled out by security. Having a security guard drag you out of a function doesn't make your point look very dignified. Vote for the candidate of your choice but do it in a smart manner.

-Jen, 15
Long Island, NY

Violent forms of protest are wrong. At the same time, it is absolutely necessary for peaceful forms of protest to remain in practice. Through marches and sit-ins, citizens are able to tell their government how they feel about specific issues. Free speech and assembly should be respected. Many people died so that American citizens would be able to speak out against their government.

-Haley, 24
Morristown, NJ

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