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The VMA Political Show

It's about time that artists with so much influence on youth have done a good thing: using their power to get people voting! And not just showing who has the biggest bling, the girl with the biggest booty and who has the biggest rims on the ride!

-Lori, 34
West Palm Beach, FL

I didn't really like how the crowd responded to the Kerry daughters. I didn't think it was fair. At least they had the balls to even show up to the 04 VMA's.

-Terry, 28
Corinth, MS

Tonights VMA's really disgusted me because they were so biased politically...once again it was the stars using their leverage to try and get people to vote their way.

-April, 28
Avon Lake, CT

What was the deal with the VMAs? It should be renamed the Political Overkill Awards!! I understand that voting is important and MTV brought the message out, but enough is enough! Voting is important, but I just think it has absolutely nothing to do with music videos.

-Kris, 23
Seattle, WA


I'm so proud to see a teenage woman compose herself as you have done to make an impression on the RNC. With a positive attitude and starting this young, you, yes you, may be the first woman president! God bless you! Keep your dreams alive!

-Kimberly, 29
Granbury, TX

Princella -- we are so proud of you here at Ouachita! You rock the Republican Convention, girlfriend!

-Sherrill, 20
Arkadelphia, AR

You go girl!

-Maria, 21
Oceanport, NJ

Latino Vote

The reason I wasn't going to vote was because my mother never voted. She worked her whole life, hard labor, and I admire her for that. She never held voting in top priority. First came education, a job, a family (for many Latino women a family then having to get a job while going to school). There is always something to do -- voting would be done on leisure time.

-Cynthia, 19
Whittier, CA

As a young Latina voter I can understand why many young Latinos choose not to register to vote. Oftentimes candidates forget that the Latin population makes up a huge part of the voting bloc. The reason I choose to vote is because my parents instilled in me the importance of voting, not because President Bush airs one Spanish-speaking commercial. If the candidates want the young Latin vote, they are going to have to work much harder for it.

-Estrelia, 23
Miami, FL

Photo Flubs

I think it is silly to judge one of the candidates for looking silly or just being themselves. I think it does matter when they are doing something that doesn't show good judgment. Whether Bush picks his nose or Kerry looked like a teletubby ... it all comes down to one thing: who will do a better job in taking care of America.

-Erica, 13
Morgan Hill, CA

It can definitely sink a candidate. If we do not know the facts, we tend to look toward physical appearances.

-Savannah, 20
Casa Grande, CO

As mentioned in the article, Dean's meltdown immediately checked him off the front-runner list, as far as I was concerned. I was ready to go knocking on doors for him -- but that footage changed everything. A presidential candidate (much less the president him/herself) needs to be able to control his/her emotions in every situation to the best of his/her abilities.

-Todd, 28
Royal Oak, MI

I don't think a bad picture would or even should affect a candidate, because appearances shouldn't matter in this case. As long as he gets the job done, he is just fine where he sits!

-Alia, 14
Lincoln, NE

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