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New Jersey Governor Resigns

McGreevey's "outing" is not the issue. It's disgusting that he has chosen to throw his sexuality in the foreground; it's a blatant attempt to make the real issue: the fact that he attempted to put a non-U.S. citizen in perhaps the most important position in New Jersey since 9-11. He should resign immediately to give the people of New Jersey a chance to elect their own governor.

-Theresa, 31
Long Island, NY

I don't understand why he felt he had to resign. Clinton had an affair and he stayed in office. He may have been impeached, but he stayed in office.

-Nick, 19
Akron, OH

I think that the New Jersey governor is using the fact that he is gay as a cover-up for a money problem, and they want him out before people find out the truth.

-Amanda, 16
Edgewater Park, NJ

I commend him for stepping out and wish he wasn't stepping down. I think it would have been more powerful to say, "These are mistakes I made and this is how I'm going to correct them. I'm your governor."

-Kristen, 22
Bensalem, PA

The governor named his "lover" as the homeland-security adviser with no background check or qualifications whatsoever. No one cares that he is gay. It didn't seem to hurt Barney Frank, who has been reelected several times since he came out of the closet.

-Jim, 24
Boston, MA

I don't believe we should bash this man for his honesty. He has already punished himself by stepping down. It is not up to us to judge him. However, I don't agree with the devastation he has caused his family.

-Tamekia, 24
Zion, IL

I believe that he was finally being honest with himself and others. Even though it took him sometime to realize that and to come to terms with his homosexuality, he was brave and stood with his head lifted high!

-Manuel, 17
Seguin, TX

McGreevey shouldn't have to resign because of his sexual status. Honestly, I don't think many people care about his sexuality, as long as he did his job.

-Jenny, 19
Orange, NJ

Although the Governor admits to being gay, that's still no reason to resign. His personal life has nothing to do with his job!

-Paulette, 30
Virginia Beach, VA

I don't think McGreevey should have resigned just for the fact alone that he is gay. Most likely, [he resigned] for the things we have not yet been made aware of.

-April, 24
Clinton, NJ

I think there is more to this than him being gay. I don't think this is why he stepped down at all.

-Junita, 21
Herndon, VA

Stem Cell Research

I am a diabetic and have been for 19 years. Without stem-cell research, the hope of finding a cure and not having to do shots anymore withers away. I hope that people keep this in mind. Millions of us live with having to do shots as a form of life-support! It is not a normal life, no matter what anyone says. For someone to nonchalantly take away my and millions of others' chance for a real life with no complications blows my mind and hurts.

-Alison, 22
Scottsdale, AZ

I think that if there are embryos not being used ones that have no one to claim them or ones that aren't wanted by the parents, then we should have the option of using them for research. If you say it's a life and you don't want it, [should we just] destroy it when the embryo could be of use in the fight against Parkinson's and diabetes?

-Laura, 18
Bethany, OK

If you know much about infertility and in-vitro fertilization, then one knows that when a woman is in need to have a baby through this process, the doctor fertilizes probably up to 8-10 eggs. The doctor does not implant all eight of those eggs back into the woman, so what do they do? They throw them away, eventually. So instead of throwing that egg away, scientist could do stem-cell research on it and possibly find a cure for some of those medical conditions that each and every single family will face now or later.

-Latoya, 20
Memphis, TN

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