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Oh, Reilly...

Bill O'Reilly is an honest and forward person. He clearly has nothing against the world of hip-hop; he just wants a positive message to be given through their lyrics instead of the negative aspects of growing up in America.

-Tiffany, 21
Lakeland, FL

I think O'Reilly has been listening to the wrong hip hop if he hasn't heard any good and positive lyrics from anyone. And he needs to realize that just because Ludacris and other hip-hop artists write the lyrics that they write doesn't make them bad people.

-Stephanie, 22
Albany, OR

"I don't mind hip-hop. What I don't want is the glorification of bad behavior. ... I want all Americans to have an equal opportunity to succeed, and the only way you succeed is if you're honest, if you're law-abiding and respectful." This is the best thing I ever heard in my life. That is what everybody wants.

-Terrace, 27
Seattle, WA

Bill O'Reilly was just putting on a show for Puffy and other African-American viewers. He was just trying to make himself sound good by faking that he liked hip-hop music and the culture.

-Latasha, 18
Preston, MD

I'm glad people like O'Reilly are saying what they are saying about hip-hop, because unfortunately a lot of it is true. Sometimes it takes aggressive opposition like that for a group or culture to pause and give a self-examination so improvements can be made. And fortunately I do see improvements being made in hip-hop.

-James, 29
Phoenix, AZ

Bill O'Reilly is an out-of-touch pig, and Puffy was not very "hip-hop" to let O'Reilly use him to push his beliefs.

-Sabrina, 20
Hayward, CA

I agree with Mr. O'Reilly. If hip-hop (in general) were much more positive instead of encouraging people to break the law or to be careless and selfish, then hip-hop could be very useful in getting younger people to vote.

-Chris, 22
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Bill O'Reilly is just putting his face out there by talking to Diddy. I don't really think the man cares, but he did have a good point when he said that all Americans should vote. He did make a mistake, though: he said we're only equal for a day. Think about that, Bill.

-Joshua, 19
Albany, NY

I don't like Bill O'Reilly and never will. He's prejudiced. I mean, he always talks about the negative image hip-hop has, but I don't see him running around talking about hardcore rock, Playboy or anything else that has a major influence on our "negative society."

-Kindra, 18
Memphis, TN

Bill O'Reilly just did the same thing his sorry guests do on his show: evade the facts. Stop sugar-coating the fact that he hates hip-hop and its culture. You notice he kissed Diddy's butt face-to-face but dogged him out a few months ago on his show.

-Justin, 23
Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you, MTV, and thank you, P. Diddy, for representing us the hip-hop community. You couldn't have picked a better person. I was crying after reading P. Diddy and O'Reilly's interview. P. Diddy is doing so much for us.

-Tracy, 21
Seattle, WA

I feel that Bill O'Reilly has some key points, but he does not fully understand the importance of hip-hop as a culture. He made the statement "I am hopping all the time," but I am sure that he could not tell you more than two hip-hop songs. But on to the positive, I respect that he wants everyone to have a vote, and he makes a valid point that one vote is one vote, whether it comes from the upper, lower or middle class.

-Braxton, 20
Gadsden, AL

One of Bill O'Reilly's keys to success is to be respectful? Maybe he should practice what he preaches, for he is far from respectful to his guests who don't share his viewpoint.

-Andree, 21
Toronto, CA

Vote for Change Tour

All this is going to be is a group of liberal artists using their fanbase to push their left-sided view into the spotlight. You couldn't pay me to sit and listen to them play one song and then spend each intermission bad-mouthing a president who has had the most difficult job of any president in history. Could they have done better? I think not.

-Jeremy, 19
Austin, TX

I think that it is irresponsible of these music artists to use their fame to swing votes and try to influence an election. What makes their opinions worth more? I'm not saying they are wrong in the things they say, but who says that they know all the facts anyway? I know I don't.

-Chris, 21
Raleigh, NC

If the tour was designed to inform the younger generation about each candidate and give people the chance to make up their mind, I believe it would have been a great success. However, Dave [Matthews] does not want people to choose a candidate, he wants them to follow his choice.

-Martin, 19
Deland, FL

I'm most likely voting for Bush, but I encourage the Vote for Change Tour as long as the artists, many of whom I love, are mature and respectful of the office of the presidency during it. Dissent and difference of opinion are great, just don't call Bush "evil" or a "liar," because that just takes away from the issues and weakens the debate. I just hope the bands will act mature and not get extreme in their comments.

-Kenny, 18
Montgomery, AL

I'm wondering what Dave Matthews is going to think if John Kerry is elected president. The country is still going to be divided and paranoid due to something called politics, which Matthews is playing.

-Mike, 18
Philadelphia, PA

Young, impressionable kids should have every right to be able to think for themselves. It is wrong for these musicians to use their celebrity status to try and form the minds of their young fans to agree with their political beliefs. I am completely revolted by this endeavor. Why can't they just get the message of the importance of voting out there instead of their own selfish promotion of their political candidate?

-Sarah, 21
New York, NY

It's great that bands I love, like Pearl Jam and R.E.M., are going to help people realize the importance of voting. That kind of responsibility makes American citizens proud to show that they can organize and make a difference. To all of those who don't do anything, take notes.

-Greg, 18
Austin, TX

I consider myself a moderate Republican and I'm voting for Bush, but some of my favorite artists are playing on this tour, including Pearl Jam, Springsteen, Dave Matthews Band and R.E.M. I'm going [to see this show] only if it's about the music and the political speeches and hateful words are kept to a minimum. I want to be able to enjoy this with my Democratic and independent brothers and sisters everywhere.

-Ryan, 22
Johnson City, TN

I am overjoyed about this Vote for Change Tour and the guts and honor of those participating. Some of my all-time favorite artists are participating, and it makes me so proud (but not surprised) to see them take action to support change in a climate where speaking up could hurt them professionally. I love their music, but I am blown away by their guts and patriotism!

-Clare, 31
La Porte, TX

Pathetic. I will never support these bands again. Stick to music and I'll vote how I very well please.

-Kevin, 25
New York, NY

I think all these stars should keep their presidential opinions to themselves. Who are they to use their fame to shove who they feel should be president down the public's throat? All it does is make me not want to buy their CDs or movies.

-Jeanne, 20
Long Island, NY

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