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Lots Of Noise After Boston

I am very pleased to see that Kerry is not always the cold fish that the media often portrays him to be. After his acceptance speech, I really feel as though he has the "right stuff," as Elizabeth Edwards would say, to lead the country.

-Lisa, 17
Pittsburgh, PA

Pick apart the conventions: is there anything substantive being said? Other than Ron Reagan (an independent)'s speech, I didn't hear any practical, implementable policies or strategies. Unless one has amnesia, they should remember these same scripts from every other convention.

-Corey, 23
Ashland, OR

Kerry's speech was awesome. He said what he needed to about the other party without being too over-the-top. He dedicated the majority of his speech to his plans instead of Bush's flaws. I was unsure of my vote before he spoke, but now I know I'll be voting for Kerry in November.

-Lauren, 20
Dearborn, MI

I think the Democrats need to analyze their speeches. They say they want one America, but they divide by sectioning off a rich and poor class.

-Bryan, 16
Pickerington, OH

I am a third-party supporter, however, the speeches - especially those by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama - at the Democratic National Convention have inspired me to support the Democratic ticket this fall.

-Jay, 22
Knoxville, TN

John Kerry's was a very motivating speech, but not very enlightening. I watched the speeches as well as the analyses, and concluded that while John Kerry won Purple Hearts a long time ago, not much got done from him while he was in the Senate.

-Jacquie, 22
Mount Pleasant, MI

I'll be voting for Kerry, but seriously, those eyebrows are creeping me out.

-Ryan, 19
Bartlesville, OK

I couldn't believe the Democratic National Convention. I'm glad John Edwards wants everyone to have health care, but where is the money going to come from, out of a magic hat? The Democrats need to be realistic, not idealistic.

-Allison, 17
Suncook, NH

The convention, in my mind, wasn't quite a showing of the agenda of the Democratic Party. Too much emphasis was placed on Kerry's four months in Vietnam, and not enough on his Senate record and views.

-Bryce, 15
Orange Park, FL

If the empty words spoken at these national conventions would actually materialize, the U.S. would have little or no poor, affordable health care, a top-notch education system, and so on. Let's hope that some of these words do act as catalysts for change.

-Jeremy, 23
Columbus, OH

After the DNC, there were lots of remarks about how the Democrats were "Bush bashing" left and right. I think those people should have watched the convention, because there was very little bad said about Mr. Bush, and what was said was cleverly and wittily fit into the speeches.

-Cara, 14
Princeton, NJ

I am really impressed with John Kerry, and I love his views. I will make sure to stay open-minded when listening to the Republican National Convention so that I can form an educated opinion.

-Lee, 14
Brooklyn, NY

I loved the Democrats' inspirational tone at this convention. With their "Hope Is on the Way" slogan and heavy emphasis on the endless potentials of Americans with dreams, they not only got away from the usual topics of such conventions (e.g. abortion and gun control) but they also evoked a message that really hasn't been emphasized since the days of John Kennedy. Pure genius!

-Julie, 17
Marion, AR

Every speech during the Democratic National Convention has been perfectly calculated to express what exactly they need to say to win on the issues in the swing states. That was their goal and that's their strategy. Please talk to us all and not just Ohio, Florida and Missouri.

-Daniel, 18
Rogersville, TX

I think the speeches given during the Democratic National Convention (specifically by Clinton, Obama, and Kerry) were powerful, inspirational, and uplifting. I did, however, find myself wanting answers. How is Kerry going to improve America's economics? How is Kerry going to sever our ties with foreign oil? Exactly what kind of help is on the way? Optimism is a very good thing; optimism as a substitute for crucial solutions is dangerous.

-Heath, 18
New Orleans, LA

Did anyone notice Kerry mention how sad it is that our soldiers' families have to take up collections to afford body armor for their children when he voted against the funding?

-Marty, 24
Madisonville, TX

After hearing Kerry's speech, I have to say, "I will believe it when I see it," but I am willing to give him the chance to prove to me that I can believe in our president.

-Tahirih, 18
Central Islip, NY

I was solidly in the Kerry column before watching the Democratic Convention. The negativity without any affirmative proposals turned me off. I'm going to vote for Bush.

-Adam, 18
Columbus, OH


I am so proud to be able to not only vote for Barack Obama, but also to volunteer for, and contribute to, his Senate campaign. This campaign, and especially State Senator Obama, has resurrected a political fire in me that hasn't been there since I was 17 and encouraging my 18-year-old peers to vote for President Clinton. It's good to be back.

-Niki, 29
Chicago, IL

We need more people like Obama representing us. Finally, a positive voice, a leader trying to unite us rather than extend the barriers that already exist between neighbors.

-Kate, 18
Woodinville, WA

Man, did I love Barack Obama! I was inspired, moved, and ready to campaign for him whenever he is ready to run for president! Wouldn't it be interesting if he and Hillary ran together?

-Janet, 21
Hudson Falls, NY

Obama sent shockwaves! I loved his speech. I am ready to go to his state and volunteer for his campaign.

-Alex, 19
Miami, FL

Give Us Three

How are we supposed to choose a president if the choices are Kerry and Bush? There are only minor differences, from what I can see so far. The speeches have said that Kerry would have made wiser decisions than Bush's, but didn't Kerry vote for the war? I still might vote for Kerry just so we don't get another four years of Bush, but I think it sucks.

-Kristina, 21
Boulder, CO

I think the Republican and Democratic nominees are too much alike. If I were old enough to vote, I would vote for the third-party candidate.

-Michelle, 17
Pittsburgh, PA

I'm sick of the two party bullsh--. I'm registered Green Party, and I get no representation in the media or in politics altogether.

-Cliff, 19
Ft. Bragg, CA

Wouldn't it be nice to find an Independent candidate to point this country in the right direction? The "right" and the "left" - two power mongers fighting for the right to do what is in their best interest - are tearing this country apart. How about we make government work a volunteer position, and then see which direction this country goes?

-Ron Prater, 28
Grand Rapids, MI

The only way the U.S. system will ever change for the better is if we finally adopt a third party, such as the Green Party. Right now the Green Party does not have the funding it needs to really do something. It's a shame.

-Joanna, 22
Springfield, MO

I'm still voting for Mr. Nader. You can close your eyes, and both the Democratic and Republican parties sound the same.

-Mack, 28
Detroit, MI

If MTV could convince young people that voting for a third party is not a wasted vote, we could create the biggest uprising in history.

-Erich, 26
Eau Claire, WI

A Fiery First Lady?

John Kerry's wife has shown that she is a loose cannon, but is this not necessarily a bad thing. She may be the opposite of what you would expect from a First Lady, but what we are used to may not work for us anymore. An off-the-wall perspective may be just what we need to change.

-Lisa, 25
Detroit, MI

I think Kerry can increase his chances of becoming president if his wife just shuts up! He's got Bush beat with his daughters; now all he has to do is enroll his wife in anger management and he's good to go.

-Mack, 28
Houston, TX

Mrs. Kerry is an extremely remarkable woman, whose presence brings an absolute sense of unity among people all over the world. However, she is also only human, and we all tend to lose our cool once in a while. For all the good she has done throughout her life, I definitely think she was entitled to her outburst.

-Cathy, 24
East Providence, RI

A lot of people think that it was a bad move that Teresa Kerry didn't control what she said to that reporter ... but that's just her being real. I like our leaders to be real with people and not just put on the "perfect" act, because no one is perfect.

-Jess, 18
Germantown, NY

Looking Forward To The RNC

I can't wait to see the Republican National Convention. If Bush's speech is half as good as the speech he delivered at the last Republican National Convention, there's no way he'll be leaving the White House any time soon.

-Jody, 16
Indianapolis, IN

This year was the first time I watched any party convention. I have never felt so involved in politics! I am a registered Democrat, but I will be watching the RNC in August. I am so pumped up!

-Nathan, 22
Philadelphia, PA

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