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I am excited to see that optimistic leaders with hope and strong vision have emerged in the Democratic Party - especially that Barack Obama guy - he is an amazing speaker.

-Sam, 24
Portland, OR

Obama for President!! I can already see it. For the first time in four years, I have hope for the future with this man leading the way.

-Anuradha, 29
New York, NY

Barack Obama was absolutely amazing! Republican or Democrat, that speech was out of this world!

-Shelton, 32
Long Beach, CA

Convention Mention

Clinton was truthful by including himself in what George Bush considers "the American elite." He realizes that these elite and their tax cuts are being compared to those of the working man. I liked the truth in his speech and hope John Kerry will be as straightforward as Clinton.

-Greg, 18
Austin, TX

It's apparent that the left (e.g. Kerry, Edwards) are trying to equalize the disparities of society, which is impossible! Democrats focus on "equality of results" instead of "equality of opportunity," and that's where their agenda goes sour. I wish people would put aside the glamour of the political debate and focus on the substance of the issues.

-Blake, 26
Dallas, TX

Watching the convention makes me realize that the Democrats and the Republicans are the two biggest cults in America.

-Scott, 26
Wadsworth, OH

If Al Gore had been as loose and jovial in 2000 as he was during his DNC address, he would be our president now. It would have been a landslide even the Supreme Court couldn't have denied.

-Lila, 23
Cordova, AL

We need a change. Watching the DNC has only made me want to get more involved. Thank you, MTV, for urging people to vote and get involved.

-Jen, 17
Shawnee Mission, KS

I watched the speeches of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton. They are awesome speakers and were very inspiring. Part of what gets a voter's attention is the candidates' ability to draw them in.

-Lauren, 18
Plymouth, MN

I think that Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night was awesome and inspiring!! He really has a way of delivering a powerful and meaningful speech. I really admire him as a former president, and his policies while acting as commander in chief. If he backs Kerry, then I think I now feel more comfortable backing him as well.

-Monica, 23
Houston, TX

All I've seen at this convention is trash talk and hating on the other party. I hope the Republican convention doesn't turn out that way.

-Keegan, 19
Lenexa, KS

I think that John Kerry's wife has seriously hurt his campaign by saying what she did to that reporter. Who wants a first lady who can't control what she says? I know I don't.

-Amanda, 21
Culpeper, VA

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