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Political Puff

Finally, a celebrity that wants to learn about both candidates and parties, rather than ignorantly sling mud!

-Nick, 21
Honolulu, HI

I wish those hip-hoppers Diddy and Russell would pick a side. Are you Republican or Democrat? Bush or Kerry? Stop straddling and being a waffle. Stand firm. Be a leader.

-Yaasmiyn, 28
Brooklyn, NY

We need more people like Mr. Combs in the world, using their substantial influence to better our country internally. P. Diddy, give 'em hell until they remember they work on the people's behalf.

-Brad, 21
Plymouth, MN

I respect what Diddy is doing right now with the political thing. Time is running out and people need to step up and make a change.

-Antranette, 21
Houston, TX

I hope that Diddy is not so far detached from the urban and black community that it hinders his true understanding of what our real concerns are and his ability to eloquently express them.

-Keenya, 32
Bronx, NY

The Pete and Mike Show

Pete Townshend is a bum. It's interesting to see this so-called leader of "My Generation" "Get Fooled Again" by Teflon Tony and Dubyia. You know, for someone as well traveled and supposedly in tune with a sense of empathy as most artists are or are supposed be, this man is a complete buffoon. I'm glad Michael Moore told him to shove his precious song.

-Bernardo, 28
Detroit, MI

Too bad that Pete doesn't have the balls to follow in the footsteps of John Lennon. ... Pete is a joke whose time has passed him by. But no doubt he is hoping for a concert at the White House should G.W. Bush win re-election.

-Brian, 41
Toledo, OH

Once again, Michael Moore rewrites history in a way to suit his addictive need to exploit tragedy for his own personal gain. First, Pete won't let the song go because he supports the war. Then Pete tells lies because he's angry that Moore wouldn't do a Who documentary. I think more lies and misleading information have been disseminated from Moore than a score of Bushes.

-Brett, 30
North Hollywood, CA

I wouldn't believe a word that Michael Moron says. As far as a career documentary of the band, someone should tell him that "The Kids Are Alright" was released in 1978.

-Heywood, 31
Hoboken, NJ

The splendid "The Kids Are Alright" documentary was just remastered and re-released last year, so there would be no desire from the Who camp to put out another one. Moore is obviously lying ... again!

-Chris, 32
Cleveland, OH

I don't agree with Pete Townshend's words about a camera versus a man and guitar. You can't compare apples with oranges. I've heard plenty of guitar riffs that seem to only change my radio station. Not to burst Mr. Townspeople's bubble, but I've never even heard of him; I have heard of Michael Moore, though. So take that bitter pill with some apple sauce, Mr., um, Who?

-Nelly, 26
Aliquippa, PA

Bush Daughters

Finally, some pretty campaign girls!

-Andrew, 27
Los Angeles, CA

Big deal! Maybe if your daughters decided to fight overseas in Iraq alongside the thousands of brave American men and women I would have more respect for you, Bush.

-Meredith, 21
Albany, NY

I think it's great that the twins want to do this for their dad. I would think any child would want to help their parents. Also I think it shows Jenna and Barbara's true character in the types of jobs they're pursuing. I wish them the best of luck. Their chosen professions are truly honorable.

-Rhonda, 24
Buckhannon, WV

Why is Bush trying to portray the twins as two wholesome young girls? We all saw when Jenna got busted for underage drinking!

-Katherine, 23
Washington, DC

I am so glad that Jenna and Barbara are speaking up for their father. It shows that there are many young Republicans out there that feel the same way as the president does.

-Lauren, 21
Lexington, SC

I think it is sad to use your children for political gain. If you can't win on your own merits, then fall gracefully.

-Gwen, 30
Knoxville, TN

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