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Delay the elections?

If we reschedule the election due to this supposed threat, then the terrorist have won. I say "no" to the rescheduling.

-Kathleen, 29
Ceredo, WV

Delaying Election Day? Come on!!! If we postpone the election process, what is that saying? It's saying that we are too afraid to continue with our daily activities and that we ourselves are afraid to do something with our government.

-Tanya, 18
Brownsville, TX

This is all a big scam. If there is no credible evidence, there is no need to delay the election. End of discussion.

-Guillermo, 29
Winston-Salem, NC

Should we just cancel all events from this moment on in fear of the possibility of something happening somewhere, sometime? It is inappropriate to cancel or delay the election without any solid information. The Bush regime is so afraid of losing he'll do anything to stay in office as long as possible. It's all a game to them. Whatever happened to getting on with our lives (as the President so often tells us to do)?

-Jay, 24
Beaverton, OR

After one Week of Kerry/ Edwards, do you love 'em or hate 'em?

I like Edwards, I trust his willingness to listen to the people, and I admire his chutzpah in the Senate, regardless of how many or few terms he has served there. Length of experience, it seems, is irrelevant.

-Sara, 19
Washington, DC

Neither Kerry or Edwards should be on the road to presidency - they both need to give it a break because right now we need to stick with the man who stuck with us in times of need and that man is Bush.

-Kayleigh, 16
Tallahassee, FL

John Edwards is a great choice. Abe Lincoln didn't have a great deal of experience, and I've read arguments that he is the greatest president in the history of the U.S. While G.O.P. members are on the attack about national security, Edwards is on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and he had far more experience than Bush did when running for President. I think he'll [beat] Cheney at the VP debate.

-Nadia, 16
Lawrenceville, GA

I think Edwards will bring charisma to Kerry's campaign, which he could use. Edwards is a younger man also, which will help Kerry broaden his appeal. I am a Democrat and I am pleased with his choice.

-Brian, 25
Talladega, AL

John Edwards gets rich suing the heck out of doctors. He is getting rich, not just fighting for the little guy. How much free work has he done for the little guy? He's a preacher who can whip up a jury to get a lot of money.

-Jay, 23
Waldorf, MD

George Bush was governor during his campaign in 2000. Bush would have had no foreign-policy experience. Republicans are being huge hypocrites attacking Edwards, saying he has "no experience."

-Drew, 14
Wichita, KS

John Edwards is the reason why I pay so much for car insurance, for health insurance and why my grandmother pays so much for prescription drugs. The Democrats say how much they care about the rising cost of health care and prescription drugs, yet the biggest expense [for] prescription drug companies and the health care industry is defending [themselves] against lawsuits. [The Democrats] do absolutely nothing about that because [trial lawyers] are their biggest campaign contributors. Some doctors can't even practice medicine in certain states because the cost of medical malpractice insurance is actually more than what they would make in a year. No wonder those who are lucky enough to have health care coverage are paying an arm and a leg for it. Until the Democrats come to grips with this, I don't see how I, or anyone for that matter, can take them seriously.

-Joe, 21
Huber Heights, OH

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