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I'm really glad he chose Edwards ... who was my choice from the beginning.

-Ashley, 18
Lawrenceville, GA

It should have been Hillary! But Kerry/ Edwards have my support.

-Mia, 28
St. Clair, MI

John Edwards does not have the experience necessary to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Even Kerry said this when the election first began.

-Gary, 18
Lexington, KY

I think John Edwards is a very intelligent man, who can make America a better place with John Kerry. In addition, I think Edwards is very experienced as a lawyer and a senator. Both men will lead America and Americans for the best. I have no questions about Kerry's decisions and I think it was rather wise and a very good choice.

-Tiffany, 16
Boston, MA

It's not just the Republicans saying that Edwards doesn't have the experience. Those words also came from John Kerry's lips in a "Los Angeles Times" article in February.

-Rick, 26
Fayetteville, NC

Republicans and conservatives have already started attacking Edwards because he was a trial lawyer. The Bush administration's tort "reforms" include a major change in the structure of HMOs. If an HMO denies a procedure and the patient has a serious medical problem, the patient, or their survivors, are unable to sue the HMO. Frivolous lawsuits might be a problem, but death due to denied medical care is an issue worth suing over. Compare Edwards to Cheney, a man that was CEO of a huge company that got millions in contracts in occupied Iraq. Halliburton gained all these contracts without the minor snag of allowing other companies to make bids. Perhaps there is a need for tort reform but the free market is central to the American system.

-Ian, 22
Fort Collins, CO

When Edwards was running for the Democratic candidacy, he stated that he would not "settle" on being the vice president ... now just a few months later he's saying that he wants to be vice president with Kerry?

-Lauren, 19
Chapel Hill, NC

John Edwards is a wonderful choice for VP! His history makes clear his prospects: fighting for Americans. As a trial lawyer, he has fought many big corporations and is well aware of the law. I am not sure that I can say that of Bush/ Cheney, considering their history of insider trading, conflicts of interest which sway foreign policy, and Bush's SEC scope. John Edwards has enough Washington experience to be ready for this position and responsibility, while not being jaded.

-Megan 20
Florence, AL

I think Edwards will bring charisma to Kerry's campaign, which he could use. Edwards is a younger man also, which will help Kerry broaden his appeal. I am a Democrat and I am pleased with his choice.

-Brian, 25
Talladega, AL

Choosing Edwards as a running mate (and creating a two-trial-lawyer ticket) will lead to defeat in November! I can't wait to watch!

-Aaron, 25
Cleveland, OH

Awesome choice in the Kerry camp. Edwards adds vitality, honesty and integrity to the Democratic ticket. Now I'm ready to see the campaign really begin and give the Republicans a run for their money ... move over Bush/ Cheney.

-Nora, 48
Naples FL

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