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Michael Moore should take his millions and move to Iraq with the other terrorists, because he seems to hate this country as much as they do. I also find Moore to be a hypocrite and his "facts" are greatly exaggerated. All he is doing besides persuading all celebrities and Democrats is fueling the hate fire and helping divide this country when we should be united.

-John, 20
Dallas, TX

God bless Michael Moore for showing the people how the president is. It is almost scary to think people will vote for him again.

-Raleigh, 20
Cleveland, OH

If anyone out there has not seen "Fahrenheit 9/11" ... do so immediately. It just might help you make up your mind!

-Kerr, 28
Euless, TX

If you had a taste of what it's like over [in Iraq] for the soldiers, then you wouldn't be endorsing Michael Moore. I guess it's the "cool" thing to be a "protester." As a veteran with the 3rd ID, the division that led the assault on Iraq (I was in the leading tank for my brigade), it pains me that you would bring down the morale of the troops over there and not see the worthiness of our cause over there. Please do us all a favor, don't try to play like you are smart and intelligent because we all know that you aren't.

-SPC. Atkinson, 20
Fort Benning, GA

I think people who say they aren't even going to see "Fahrenheit 9/11" are absolutely ignorant. If you are way Republican or pro-Bush, you should still see it to see if you can defend the facts in the movie.

-Lindsay, 19
Broomfield, CO

I wouldn't have that much against Michael Moore if he didn't turn his opinion into a supposed documentary.

-James, 19
Lexington, KY

"Fahrenheit 9/11" is a wonderful film that exposes the injustices of the Bush administration and of the U.S. government in general. Go see it and for goodness sake ... vote!

-William, 23
Pittsburgh, PA

People are seeing this movie as the behind-the-scenes analysis of September 11th and events leading up to the war in Iraq, but everyone must understand, which no one seems to be getting, that this man went into the making of this film with an agenda. This agenda is to do whatever it takes to bash Bush because he does not like him. In order for people to understand the whole truth of September 11th and the war in Iraq, one must look at all of the facts and all the information, not just one side of the story.

-Jarrod, 20
Hamden, CT

I just saw "Fahrenheit 9/11" and I have to tell you, now I'm enraged!

-Adrianne, 17
Fort Collins, CO

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