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In Memory of Ronald Reagan

I think we are turning Reagan into a saint simply because he has died. While it is sad, it is unfair to him to create myths about him. Reagan played a large role in ending the cold war, but he is not single-handedly responsible as so many claim. He also just got lucky in terms of economic recovery. After the crushing economic malaise of the decade that preceded him, of course some kind of economic recovery was inevitable. Taxes were lowered in 1981, but raised every year after that. Reagan surely was a great man, as a testament of how many people loved him. I hope he is at peace now, because so many things should have haunted him, like Iran-contra and the AIDS scandal.

-Jeff, 20
Barstow, CA

Reagan was great. I grew up with him like I grew up with MTV. He defeated the Soviet Union without a shot being fired. I was at the state convention in Texas when we got the word and tears started rolling down my face. He made me so proud to be American. It was really about patriotism.

-Jeff, 20
Tyler, TX

While President Reagan's death is certainly noteworthy, the attention overkill that has resulted has been more than unnecessary. What is overshadowed is the fact that Reagan's apathetic approach to the AIDS crisis in the early '80s is largely responsible for its epidemic status. One death is hardly comparable to thousands more.

-Andrea, 20
Berkeley, CA

President Reagan's clarity on the evil of communism and the danger of tyrants will be his greatest legacy. In our own time, we do not understand, or have been awakened to the danger we now face. Like the Soviet Union, we must fight terrorism in the arena of ideas, with the firmness of American values and even with the firing of a gun. I wish Reagan were here to explain the severity of the evil of terrorism in his familiar, easygoing style.

-Chris, 20
Plainfield, IN

For those that blame Reagan for the AIDS problems we face, you know nothing of what he stood for or what he did. Under Reagan, a huge increase in AIDS research money to find a cure happened. Reagan stood for personal responsibility, where those who blame him for the AIDS problem are those that live a lifestyle of promiscuous sex with many multiple partners without regard to the consequences. Blaming Reagan for poor personal choices only indicates nothing has changed in the mindset for those at risk to contract AIDS; the AIDS problem will only worsen because of the lack of personal responsibility coupled with a desire to only point fingers instead of take tangible action.

-Dave, 23
Cortland, NY

President Reagan was in office the year I was born so I don't have too many memories of him then, but I've always had a genuine respect for the man and his wife. The things Nancy Reagan did for antidrug campaigns are still around today. I may vote democratically, but I will always hold a place of honor in my heart for President Reagan, his wife, and all of their accomplishments.

-Jessica, 19
Chicago, IL

MTV Movie Awards

Today while watching the MTV Movie Awards, which rocked, I noticed a few things that I was very upset at MTV about. Why did he [Michael Moore] have to voice his opinion about the current administration to millions of 18-year-old voters around the country, influencing their vote? The same with Jack Black's T-shirt. In America, 18-year-old voters are not given the opportunity and are not educated on government and political ideologies. People are so easily influenced by celebrities and television and I am sorry but it is mostly liberal. MTV: usually your shows are educating and encourage an open mind, but today's was a disgrace.

-Sydney, 18
Chester, WV

If I could get a message to all young voters out there, I would tell them to listen to themselves, their own points of view, and to their hearts. Lately, it seems that everyone tries to persuade young voters to vote one way. You either hear your professor talking about how bad the Republicans are or you see your favorite star sporting a T-shirt that says vote for this specific person. The bottom line is to vote for who you want to see in office. Don't listen to your professor, your parents, or your favorite star when it comes to voting for president. Vote for the person who has similar views as you, vote for who you think will do the best job in office. Do what you want, take the time to listen to all the candidates and vote for the person you want to see in office!

-Sarah, 19
Groveport, OH

Who gave Michael Moore a 30-second spot on the MTV Movie Awards? It's a disgrace to have that man at an awards show. Keep the politics and Hollywood separate.

-Jason, 21
Chicago, IL

The War In Iraq

Iraq: The mission is not about oil, it is not about weapons of mass destruction, it is however, about the future of stabilizing the third world for globalization. Stable countries create stable markets, which in turn benefits everyone, whether you agree or disagree with our initial intentions of the war in Iraq. Iraq is a starting point as the U.S. holds a premium on exporting security to the world to promote stable markets for business worldwide.

-Marshall, 20
Jacksonville, FL

The Economy

Please tell me that Joya Dass (the author of this article) understands that 35 percent of $250,000 is a hell of a lot more than 15 percent of $10,000. To imply that the less wealthy are paying more money is grossly misleading. Truth be told, those of us in the lower brackets are getting a deal - we get social programs, the rich pay for it. Many programs, especially social programs, do not benefit upper-class individuals, and then they spend these people's money. And some politicians have the gall to start a class war against the same people who power our economy and fund all of the programs that the rest of us use.

-Brenton, 17
Carson City, NV

What some people don't seem to realize about the economy is that the vast majority of people want low prices. We want our "Rollback" and our huge Wal-Mart with "Everyday low prices"... and Wal-Mart, being a smart corporation, does this in the simplest way possible - through outsourcing and through business deals that are close to coercion. Then we turn around and criticize them for doing it? I'm not going to say what they're doing is right, but we as a people need to realize that buying U.S. goods and services is the only way to keep jobs in the U.S. Of course, everyone is more inclined to buy the $3 umbrella instead of the $10 one, given that they're the same product, only made in different countries.

-Michael, 19
Harrisonville, MO


To the girl insisting that I can get a well-paying job because her sister, who only has a high school diploma, got one: Your sister just took my well-paying job. I'm in the process of trying to "work my way up" through higher education, and I don't appreciate being told to get off my ass and get a job when I'm working 40 hours a week for no pay. It's called an internship. Look it up if you don't recognize the word. College students who are trying their hardest to create a better future for themselves and their families by getting an education and shooting for those higher-paying professional jobs are getting ruined by people who just can't be bothered after high school. That job you have temping for a law firm? My best friend needed that when he graduated. You took it, and now he's suffering. So I'm so glad the temp agency worked out for you; in the meantime, do you mind paying my Internet bill?

-Sara, 19
Washington, DC


As a junior writer at Planned Parenthood, I have to point out that MTV had it right that judges have a major impact on our reproductive rights. But it had a few important things wrong about the abortion ban that was the subject of our recent federal court case, Planned Parenthood v. John Ashcroft. If enforced, the ban could outlaw abortions as early as 12 to 15 weeks in pregnancy - early in the second trimester. There is no such thing as "partial-birth abortion" - it's a fictional phrase created by antichoice legislators to mislead the public. Antichoice hardliners can restrict our access to contraception, abortion and comprehensive sex education - all at the cost of our health and fundamental freedoms. If we don't speak up for our rights, no one else will.

-Kara, 23
New York, NY

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