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President Reagan

For many of us, President Reagan was our first president. While we may not remember him in office, most of us do hold him in high regard. I personally think that his death is a huge loss to our country and that we could all be so lucky to have such a man in charge of our country.

-Charlotte, 20
Austin, TX

When I think of how many vital and talented Americans died because Reagan would not utter the word AIDS, it makes me sad and sick to my stomach. And now the disease is out of control on a global scale. This could have all been stopped in the very beginning, if he would have done the right thing. Not many of my friends had the luxury of living to 93 like Ronnie did and that is a shame. Shame on you, President Reagan.

-Rob, 41
Napa, CA

Google Bombing

The Google search-engine story is hilarious. What a neat, innovative, and absolutely funny way to express yourself ... I never would have thought of getting others to get the word "waffles" to point dead-on to John Kerry's official site. This could be a whole new thing for presidential campaigns ... at least it makes you laugh!

-Ebonie, 18
Lawton, OK

Split Ticket

A split ticket is an excellent idea. Having these parties at one point was probably good, but now they have grown out of control. And it ends up taking away from the points at hand. We need independent, open minds running our country, not ones guided by party bias.

-Sara, 30
Charlotte, NC

A lot of people don't even know what "Democrat" and "Republican" really mean. I've taken the time to learn about the two sides and choose Democratic, which I always was. I sill think I don't know it all. I really don't think anyone knows it all -- especially the voters. People should be more educated in school, and I think the voting age should be lowered, but only to kids educated enough about the difference between the two sides.

-Jes, 32
Tonopah, AZ


I find it really interesting how people are always talking about how "bad" the economy is, and how it is so hard to find a job. The fact is the economy is rising and the unemployment rate is dropping. My sister, who has only a high school education, found a job through a temporary agency within a week. Now they hired her full-time, and her benefits are awesome. People need to get off their butts and find a job. So my message is: Get off the couch, look for a job, work your way up (even if you have to start at the bottom), and do something about the economy instead of blaming someone else.

-Sarah, 18
Greensboro, NC

It is not all Americans that are demanding higher wages, so please look more into the subject instead of stating false statements. The only people that I know that are making way too much money for their jobs are celebrities and athletes. How come no one stops them from making millions for remembering lines and being a celebrity because someone liked them at one lucky audition? There are a lot of backwards things in this country and the best one I have heard is outsourcing is good for the country! There is no certain answer to our future, and history shows that almost every economic decision we have made which we thought was good has turned for the worst. Common sense can tell you that this outsourcing is not good.

-Amanda, 18
Spring Grove, PA

People that haven't studied economics extensively sound funny when they spout off about the evils of outsourcing. Many of the privileges we have as U.S. citizens are provided by our (relatively) free-market economy. In free markets, some things get outsourced. It hurts those families in the short term and doesn't seem fair, but it helps the masses in the long term. Outsourcing keeps costs down, which in turn keeps prices down. This enables the poor and working class to afford items that they were unable to in years past.

-Mike, 23
Orlando, FL

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