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Split Ticket

I think a split ticket is just what this country needs, especially now. People are so polarized by what Bush has done in office that the nation needs something that everyone can get on board with, even if just a little bit. A Democratic/Republican ticket would also help to break down this ultra-two-party system that I personally believe detracts from real progress. Labels like "Democrat" and "Republican" are damaging, superficial concepts. Why don't we start focusing on ideas and issues instead of labels. A split ticket is just what the doctor ordered.

-Corey, 28
Denver, CO

I think it's great. I'm a Democrat but have great respect for McCain and believe he is one of the few honest people in Congress

-Richard, 31
Graham, WA

Campaign Finance

I find it disturbing that we have to focus our attention on two candidates because they spend extreme amounts of money to be the next leader of our nation. Most young Americans feel that when they vote it's like choosing "the lesser of two evils," so to speak. Many don't like Bush for where he has led the nation, and many feel uncertain about Kerry's leadership abilities. Campaign financing should be a more regulated process and also a more focused effort to ensure that the people get to choose from the scope of who's out there -- not just the two major-party candidates. Money should not be the deciding factor in leadership in a democratic nation.

-Horizon, 21
Silver Spring, MD

Google Bombing

Personally, I think the whole situation with is funny. It adds a little bit of humor to the election, especially lately with the events in Iraq. I don't think that whoever organized it wanted it to be made into a big deal, they just wanted a laugh.

-Katie, 15
Columbia, MD


The problem isn't only that white-collar jobs are being transferred, it's that jobs that require high levels of education are being outsourced as well. Part of the argument for outsourcing says that if U.S. workers want jobs, they have to stay ahead of the curve educationwise. Some of the jobs being outsourced, though, require their employees to have gone through extensive education. Outsourcing these jobs throws away these people's educations and forces them into a much broader job pool for unspecialized workers with lower wages.

-Mark, 17
Brooklyn, NY

Being against outsourcing is inhumane. It's really sad how the only thing people worry about in this country is their own life and how to make a buck, even if it means condemning millions of third-world workers to lives of deeper poverty. We all need to stop worrying about the power, money and politics of it all and just work together to look out for everybody in this world, and not just our own backyard.

-Louise, 31
Princeton, NJ

Outsourcing should be completely illegal. It's ruining our economy. The companies that are outsourcing should consider the fact that they are taking away jobs for their children, grandchildren and other relatives.

-Jackie, 15
Pittsburgh, PA

Many Democrats who see outsourcing as a bad thing criticize Bush for having bad foreign policy. Do you think that pulling out some of the only positives in India's economy is good foreign policy?

-Chris, 20
Nashville, TN

Outsourcing gives big businesses more ability to put down small-business owners here and all over the world.

-Erik, 22
Chicago, IL

I think outsourcing does more harm than good to the United States' economy. It is true that this makes products that Americans buy cheaper. But what good does that do when we have no jobs?

- Kristen, 20
Pittsburgh, PA

What needs to happen is that people need to quit looking for a "good" job and start creating jobs for themselves. Find a service that people need and create a small business in your area that will cater to people's needs. There are numerous services that people need (dry-cleaning delivery, food catering, traveling barber, catering-grocery purchaser, etc.). Be creative and do it for yourselves, because we cannot rely on these companies that hire us to continue taking care of us when they can save money by hiring people overseas to do the same jobs that we are doing for about an eighth of our wages or less.

-Mark, 28
Logan, WV

The main thing about outsourcing is that consumers make it necessary. It's a catch-22 that businesses cannot win. Consumers are increasingly demanding low-cost products like those that Wal-Mart and Target provide, but they also want high wages when they work. Businesses can't afford to keep prices low and pay the wages that Americans demand, so they are forced to outsource, and then Americans get mad. I think we just need to realize that even though we're in the land of opportunity, we can't have it all. Natural laws of economics just won't allow it.

-Emily, 21
Fort Worth, TX

Straight Down The Middle?

I just wanted to say thank you for not endorsing one certain candidate and allowing kids to choose who to vote for. I am sick of seeing and its ilk trying to mobilize young voters but only if they vote for a certain candidate. Bravo, MTV!

-Gerry, 21
Lakewood, CA

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