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The Slim Shady Vote

I don't blame Eminem for thinking he couldn't vote because he's a convicted felon. Most people think that, and I thought the same as well. Since MTV straightened out this confusion for potential voters such as Eminem, I hope more register along with Slim Shady.

-Tiera, 16
St. Louis, MO

If this country is pointing fingers at Eminem as a bad citizen and role model, then they should know that he is trying to do good by wanting to vote and by getting his fans to register to vote.

-Donald, 18
Harrisburg, PA

Having celebrities banging their publicity-grabbing drum about voting issues when they have never voted themselves, or in Slim Shady's case not even registered, is ridiculous.

-Dexter, 28
Houston, TX

Work It: The Choose or Lose Jobs Show

Outsourcing is un-American. It's really sad how the only thing people worry about in this country is the easiest way to make a buck, even if it means sacrificing our own people. We all need to stop worrying about the power, money and politics of it all and just work together to look out for each other .

-Lauren, 21
Yorktown, VA

Outsourcing is going to become an epidemic for our generation. Just think, McDonald's workers with master's degrees. "Would you like fries with that?"

-Autumn, 24
Sacramento, CA

Outsourcing allows Americans to move to the next level, instead of just answering phones. It is not a bad thing at all, it's just a new obstacle to get around. It's kind of like a promotion -- a promotion to start anew, go to college, even go back to college, become what you really aspired to be. In a nutshell, this could be a creativity era for the U.S., allowing us to focus on something more than Miss Jane Doe's cable modem problem.

-Jacob, 18
Torrington, CT

I was floored last night when I saw Walter Cronkite totally spin the economic differences between Bush and Kerry. He said the trickle-down economic theory of Republicans might not [move money down past the rich people] at all and that Democrats want to decrease taxes for "everyone else." Walter must've quit paying attention to the news. It seems to me that the last times I've received tax cuts they were all from Republicans.

-Chad, 33
Brocton, IL

Do Two Parties Represent?

I think the problem with a two-party system is that you're dividing all of your beliefs into two separate categories. I know that for the most part I stay fairly independent because I have both Democratic and Republican views. I think a president who can see both sides of the issues would be the best one we could possibly have.

-Jackie, 19
Kirksville, MO

Actually, there are hundreds of political parties. The reason you only hear about two of them is because most of the rest have such a narrow focus that they fail to appeal to more Americans.

-Jason, 18
Redmond, WA

I admire Ralph Nader for trying to make a difference. In a time when people can't think for themselves, democracy relies on revolutionists like Nader. We all know that the ignorance of the people with money and power will keep him out of office another year, but at least he is willing to take the first step in trying to change this country.

-Andres, 23
Albuquerque, NM

Someone asked why only two parties were represented, and I just wanna add that Nicaragua had like 20 government changes in a couple of decades because there wasn't a majority. In world history there have been multiple times where governments were in chaos because there wasn't a majority. Here in America we are fortunate to have to main political parties, and I'm grateful for that.

-Michelle, 16
Orlando, FL

America Abroad

Rather than refuse to admit wrongdoing, America must accept that some people don't believe in freedom and equality. However beautiful and right they may seem, we must not force feed these ideals upon those least willing to accept them. Communism, terrorism, -ism -ism -ism. Ideas are impossible to fight. Accept that not everyone will love us and show you love our soldiers by bringing them home.

-Amber, 19
Falmouth, MA

Those soldiers who dared to desecrate the purpose and dignity of American soldiers risking their lives for the betterment of Iraq should face shame paralleling that which they implemented upon all American citizens. They are not representative of this nation, and I hope the rest of the world realizes this.

-Taylor, 18
Victoria, TX

The longer we stay in Iraq ... the harder we fall.

-Justin, 17
Austin, TX

I am embarrassed by the abuse scandal in Iraq. I always thought Americans didn't do things like this. We're educated and we know better. The president says he's trying to protect us from terrorists, but I feel much more at risk now than I did a year and a half ago. They hate us even more now, and I believe they have reason to.

-Karen, 24
Boston, MA

Of course the higher-ranking officials claim to know nothing. Didn't anyone ever watch "A Few Good Men"?

-Leah, 21
Hanover, PA

New Voices On Gay Marriage

Conservatives, like me, have every good reason to oppose Bush's proposed ban on gay marriages. It circumvents judicial review and constitutional language, it necessitates intrusive government, and it places the subjective, purely personal prejudices of the many over the presumed liberty of the individual. Of course, the government is entitled to "legislate morality," contrary to liberal claims (e.g. abortion), in some cases. This ain't one.

-Jon, 21
Philadelphia, PA

Gay marriage is completely different than interracial marriage. People fought against interracial marriage because they were ignorant. I have no problem with gays, but marriage is technically between a man and a woman. Interracial marriages are between a man and a woman, so they should be legal, but same-sex marriage goes against the meaning of the word.

-Andrew, 15
Colorado Springs, CO

Every time we amend a law or assume some sort of political change, we are changing the definition of the institution that existed prior. The definition of citizenship changed drastically in the middle of the 19th century, and so did civil liberties for women and all minority races in the 20th. By changing the definitions we are progressing as a society, unless one wishes to argue that the aforementioned changes were not necessary and were not ubiquitously beneficial in the long run. The argument that gay marriage would be changing the definition of marriage itself is a weak one, in my humble opinion. Amendment of the institution only serves to benefit those who it would affect.

-Melissa, 17
West Haven, CT

When people choose to discriminate against gays all they're doing is teaching to hate. The Bible says that homosexuality is wrong, but it also says that God loves all and to try to live a good life. The next time you feel hated or not liked because of something you can't change, think of this. All we want is to show our love. We are not forcing you to like us, have sex with us, or even come to our wedding. Just let us live as you do.

-Arianna, 16
Atlanta, GA

Last week was gay pride week, and while I was selling tickets in our student union building for a campus event there was also a gay panel discussion going on. I don't have anything against the people, I actually have a lot of homosexual friends. But the whole time the discussion was going on, almost every person there came up and said something rude and judgmental to me because I was wearing a Bush/Cheney sticker. I learned that day that those people were the ones judging me. They never even asked me my opinions, they just started assuming things.

-Angela, 18
Ellensburg, WA

I cannot believe there are people comparing homosexuals to African-Americans and women. As an African-American, I am highly offended. Homosexuality is not inherited and has nothing to do with blood, nor birth, so comparing homosexuals to African-Americans is just plain ignorant.

-Daniel, 16
Atlanta, GA

Nowhere in the United States Constitution does it guarantee the right to marry. Let gays marry, but do not call it a "right." It is not.

-Jesse, 23
Norfolk, VA

The government does not belong in the marriage business. Churches should decide marriage or non-marriage, whatever church that may be. Benefits and survivorship should be established by the relationship, romantic or plutonic, by some sort of cohabitation recognition. The government should not be involved in marriage at all.

-Tim, 20
Murrietta, CA

One More, Who's Next?

MTV, I just registered to vote when I got my drivers license in California. Please count my vote toward the 20 million goal! Thanks.

-Jennifer, 29
San Mateo, CA

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