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It's a double-edged sword. This country gives us freedom people only dream of, which is something we should protect. However, we have the right to be pacifists and disagree with the government's action. I believe in freedom, but I won't fight in a war I disagree with. You may call me unpatriotic, but I see myself and others like me as patriotic because we are looking into the issues and examining our heart of hearts. We see that we disagree with the issue and feel that we should express the dissenting opinion.

-Amanda, 20
Houston, TX

We have enough budget issues on our home soil that rather than spending all of our money to rebuild another country, we should be first building ours to the best of our ability. Raise the standard of living so that everyone may be able to go see a doctor. Raise the standard so that we decrease the number of homeless people on the streets and raise the poverty bar up a little higher. The Iraqis don't want us there, so why should we be there? We're sticking our nose in business that we shouldn't have gotten ourselves into! This is why countries attack us!

-Constance, 17
Hood River, OR

I'm in the Air Force, but I'd have to say that I'd be against reinstating the draft. What makes our military the most powerful force on the planet is the fact that we remain an all-volunteer force. We come in because we want to fight for our country. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the last person I want next to me with a weapon is some anti-war liberal who was forced to fight in the war.

-Staff Sergeant Robles, 23
Honolulu, HI

I am a sergeant in the U.S. Army, and I think reinstating the draft is a bad idea. I currently serve with people who choose to be here, and I never question where their loyalties lie. We are a brotherhood dedicated to completing the mission and keeping each other alive. That is a lot to ask of someone who doesn't want to be here. Keep it voluntary!

-Justin, 29
Kingman, KS

If we learned one thing from Vietnam, it should be that sending more and more troops into a war of this style is not the answer. We need to improve relations, not send conscripted soldiers to the Middle East.

-Andrew, 17
Chester Springs, PA

What's really ridiculous is supporting your president whether you like him or not. I think people are getting mixed up definitions of "patriotic." I think that the people participating in [Rock Against Bush] are being just as patriotic as you might be if you were supporting your president. They are asserting the rights that many people died to give us, like freedom of speech and peacefully gathering for a protest. It's not fair to criticize people for using these rights.

-Ben, 25
Malvern, PA

How come the POW abuse of Iraqis is getting more attention around the world than U.S. civilians' corpses being dragged through the streets?

-Murat, 20
Athens, GA

In regard to gas prices, we -- as a country -- have to stop obsessing over cheap oil and get smaller cars. Maybe we need to model ourselves after the Europeans for a change and sacrifice the $40,000 SUV for a smaller car that requires less, but more expensive, oil.

-Denise, 18
Westwood, NJ

Just because democracy and freedom are great for America does not mean it's great for everybody else in the world. Who are we to say how everybody else is supposed to live?

-Sasha, 17
Swansea, IL

I am glad that Secretary Rumsfeld has taken responsibility for the prisoner abuses. That has to be the most horrible thing I've ever heard in the news. The pictures disgusted me. I also admire Bush's decision to keep Rumsfeld in. He is ultimately responsible, though not directly responsible. He is taking responsibility and trying to make the situation between the U.S. and Iraq better by offering to resign. These are confusing times, but I am glad that Bush is not panicking and dumping Rumsfeld simply to be a crowd pleaser.

-Joseph, 24
Provo, UT

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