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Cash Money

How can it ever be deemed legal in a free country to tell a group what they can or cannot say on television with their own money and efforts? and their efforts differ in no way from Rush Limbaugh's daily anti-Gore ranting in the 2000 election. The RNC needs to find something valid to gripe about, like our economy.

-Roger, 27
Washington, DC

The Republicans imply that only Democrats are using 527s, while in reality Republicans have plenty of Republican 527s. The Club for Growth has done anti-Kerry ads and is clearly a Republican counterpart to MoveOn on the left.

-Lisa, 31
E. Greenwich, NY

-Last week we heard from a number of you saying that outsourcing helped businesses create jobs. This week more of you weighed in.

To Outsource or Not to Outsource

Companies should not go overseas for other people that need [the work]. We need to help our own people first before we go helping other people. How can you feed someone else if you can't feed yourself?! Don't be ignorant -- companies do not go overseas to help populations out -- they go overseas to save money and stay out of reach. Quite the opposite of what Megan from Boone, North Carolina, said. It's called greed! And the attitude of the general American is to be able to be paid well and at the same time pay the bills -- not living paycheck to paycheck.

-Luis, 22
Virginia Beach, VA

Hey, I've taken a "freaking elementary macroeconomics course." In fact, I took an intermediate and advanced one as well and got a degree in economics. But that's beside the point. Yes, the economy goes in cycles and what one company does to cut jobs now can create more jobs in the future, but that doesn't mean we should sit idly by while large corporations [create] off-shore jobs as they please. Not all outsourcing is good for the economy, nor is it always environmentally or socially responsible. It's easy to argue economic principles when it doesn't impact your life, but it is bound to impact someone else.

-JC, 21
New Canaan, CT

When I get out of college, I don't want to have to go to New Delhi, India, to find a job. I want to be able to go down to Washington, DC, and find a job!

-Frank, 20
New Brunswick, NJ

Does it ever occur to anybody that our country should worry about us for once? The job market here in the U.S. needs more help. My vote goes to the candidate who can prove to me that he's willing to put his country first before anybody else.

-Crystal, 26
Lakewood, WA

The jobs that are being sent overseas are not to help people who need jobs. It is for cheap labor. The merchandise is still sold for the same amount of money in the U.S. The workers are not getting that money. The jobs need to stay in America. If the trend continues, the middle class will be wiped out.

-Jan, 27
Lititz, PA

Middle-class Americans are losing their money while the big shots are earning more than ever. All of the jobs are going overseas because those people will work for less. It's ridiculous. In the end, those companies are going to lose because they're still charging Americans and their ex-employees the same amount of money. How can people buy a product when they don't have a job to pay for it?

-Brandy, 17
St George, UT

People don't realize that taking jobs away from Americans lowers morale. Would you support a nation that sends work elsewhere instead of creating jobs at home? Of course all the naysayers think it creates a cheaper form of labor and lowers the price of goods, but what about the Americans who are out of work because his factory closed to ship work overseas? Whatever happened to "Made in America"? That used to actually mean something.

-Mike, 27
Toms River, NJ

If a company expands its services abroad, it ought to send its employees as its representatives. Who made the company in the first place?

-Marisa, 19
Long Beach, CA

Which would you rather pay for a pair of the same jeans, $45 (made in America) or $18 (made in China)? Figure it out, America. Even with a job, many can't afford American-made products!

-Andy, 40
Chicago, IL

What Else Is on Your Mind?

I believe that the U.S. is cheating the rest of the world when it comes to oil. The rest of the world drives cars that get 30-50 miles to the gallon. Americans drive Hummers and Escalades that get 10 mpg. The American policy on oil needs to be revisited. And Kerry is right when he wants to increase gas taxes by 50 cents. We should pay as much as everyone else does. And maybe we can prolong the life of the earth's oil reserves, which are due to go extinct in 20 years.

-Jay, 18
Plymouth, NH

Hey, let's not cut/raise taxes, let's end the war in Iraq, save about $40 billion and use that money for the next four years.

-Kim, 24
Strattanville, PA

I think that John Kerry's plan for paying a college student's full tuition for four years in a public, in-state university if they do at least two years of continuous community service is utterly ridiculous. While it would be nice, it's very unrealistic and is only getting students' hopes up. How are we going to get rid of the $6.2 billion national deficit if he is busy paying volunteers' way through college?

-Emily, 18
Chicago IL

I want a president who has a get-tough approach to foreign policy like Bush. Most of the Democrats have voted against giving more money to the Defense Department yet want us to believe that they are pro-defense! Islamic extremists want to kill us and destroy America. What good are rights if our country is destroyed through terrorists and nuclear bombs?

-Ryan, 21
Cleveland, OH

Surprise Surprise

I'll be honest, I came to MTV's site thinking I'd see nothing but liberals who think John Kerry is the answer to the world's problems. However, it seems pretty balanced. I'm glad to see that there are a number of young folks out there paying attention. By the way, the United States "imports" more jobs than it "exports."

-Greg, 29
Chesterfield, VA

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