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Jobs, Taxes and the Economy

I want to know what Mr. Kerry will do about the large number of jobs being moved offshore. What is to happen to our future graduates if there are few jobs left in this country?

-Wayne, 32
Silver Springs, MD

04.01.04 3:48 pm

The reason jobs are going overseas is because Americans are demanding higher wages and benefits that are unreasonable for many businesses. I would rather see a company go overseas and pay people that really need the money than see businesses stay here and go bankrupt because greedy Americans and their unions want more money. If Mr. Kerry wants to add jobs, he needs to change the attitude of the American worker and stop greed, which will never be done.

-Megan, 18
Boone, NC

All I hear from the Bush campaign is how Kerry is going to raise taxes. Personally I don't care if he does raise taxes as long as my parents can find decent jobs. My vote is for the person who promises more jobs for Americans here in America!

-Nikki, 21
Lansing, MI

Has anyone in this freaking country taken an elementary macroeconomics course? The outsourcing of jobs is good for the economy. It creates huge drops in costs for firms who can then afford to lower prices for consumers and create more jobs in the United States, not less. Jobs of certain industrial workers may be lost, but many, many more jobs are created. We are in the middle of this process now and it would be stupid to save these few jobs by stopping outsourcing at the expense of many jobs created in the future.

-Matthew, 19
Durham, NC

Any presidential candidate that claims that cutting taxes will help us is wrong. They are thinking in the short-term and not the long-term. When all the baby boomers retire and receive Social Security benefits do you think lowering taxes will help that? No! Bottom line, taxes will have to be raised eventually to better the country as a whole. Deal with it and don't lie about it.

-Crystal, 21
Baltimore, MD

In his interview posted on (thank you for posting it completely) Senator Kerry talks about how the Bush administration does not fight to keep jobs from going abroad. I would like to remind America that it was the Clinton administration that signed NAFTA, which makes it much easier for companies to leave America, not the Bush administration. Secondly, as far as the tax cuts for the rich, the middle-class people get jobs that are created by the rich. When the rich have more money they create more jobs. Rich people do not get rich off tax cuts. Rich people get rich by expanding their businesses and thus creating more jobs.

-Eric, 23
San Jose, CA

Choosing a Leader

I want sincerity and profound humanity in a leader and I want him to show it. I want America to step off its high horse and unite with the international community. America's status as a sole superpower will soon take a plunge. After all what goes up must come down. We as Americans need to sharpen our intelligence of the world past the Pacific and Atlantic as we are literally retarded when it comes to other countries and cultures. I want a leader who does not defy the U.N. but rather reveres and respects its position. I want a leader who understands the delicate balance of relationships among nations and works to improve them. America is the world's loner, let's help her find some friends.

-Michelle, 19
Riverside, CA

I think Bush made things worse by sending our troops out there to fight a war that went out of control! Six hundred of our troops have died as of today. How many of our troops have to die in order for him to bring them back? But then again Kerry will be coming into something that has already started. Will he know what to do in this case? So many different questions and no answers.

-Lisbel, 27
Orlando, FL

The Kerry Show

Kerry couldn't answer any of Yago's questions with a direct answer. Kerry talks out of both sides of his mouth for two reasons. One, he wants as many votes as possible because he is a politician. And two, because he is not a leader that could make a cut and dry decision for this country. I am also disappointed that MTV didn't ask Kerry about his views on abortion, which is another controversial subject that needs to be discussed during this campaign race.

-Gavin, 18
Senatobia, MS

Senator Kerry said that he wanted the community to help college students if they invested two years of service to their community, and then the communities would pay for an in-state, four-year, public college. Well, what about those who want to go to private schools in-state or the public and private colleges out-of-state? I realize that college is expensive, but is he trying to tell us that only the rich and the ones who get scholarships will be able to go to out-of-state and private universities and not be in debt? I'm sorry, but that just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Being a college-bound senior this upcoming June, I don't want to come out of college in debt, but I am pursuing colleges out-of-state, private and public, as well as those in-state, but I am looking for the best education from a college that fits my needs, not one that I will not be in debt to once I graduate. I feel that Senator Kerry needs to clarify his plans for college debt for students a bit more before the election, and make it known to the college-bound teenagers in the nation, and then I will proudly support someone who is willing to help the youth in our nation stay out of debt.

-Jennifer, 18
University Place, WA

I think if you're going to do a half-hour special on John Kerry, you should address more topics that relate to the presidency rather than if he is "cool" or not or how many Google hits he has. That has nothing to do with whether or not he would make a good president. I don't want a president that's cool or popular, I want someone who can get something done and done correctly the first time. Even if I can't vote yet, I'm still affected by what they do.

-Olivia, 16
Oklahoma City, OK

Still Talking About Gay Marriage

I've yet to hear any logical reason for not allowing gays and lesbians to wed. "It will destroy the sanctity of marriage"? Over half of all marriages, a direct promise to not separate, end in divorce. I don't see how gays and lesbians could screw up the "sanctity" of marriage more than it has been already. In fact, gays and lesbians would probably respect it even more since they have been fighting for it from day one. "But the Bible says ..." It's nice and all that you have religious beliefs, but we have a thing in this country called separation between church and state. "But it's a religious bond ..." Yes, maybe in the year 2 A.D., but ever since then, marriage is now a social contract that has nothing to do with your specific religion. There are literally hundreds of benefits that marriage would grant gays and lesbians over a "civil union."

-Paul, 20
Orange County, CA

The idea that "marriage" is a union between a man and a women technically makes President Bush right. It shouldn't be called a "marriage" unless legal documentation is altered when two gay people want to be united for life. But for him to say that it is a desecration of the sacred idea of marriage is ludicrous. The divorce rate in America is astronomical. That's not a desecration of the sacred ideas embedded in marriage? Who is he to say what is a desecration of anything and who should be together and united for life if they want to? It's a free country, at least I thought, and I thought the idea of a free country is that we have the right to have oppositional points of views, morals, etc. and yet not impose and force those views and morals on others because of power of position.

-Jennifer, 22
Taylor, MI

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