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- Editor's note: We have received an overwhelming response to our interview with John Kerry. Many have expressed a strong desire to have President Bush appear on MTV and speak to young voters. We feel the same way. We have been in contact with the White House for some time and are working to bring that interview to you.

The Kerry Show
04.01.04 3:48 pm

I think that Kerry is just saying what he thinks we want to hear right now. They all say they can cut taxes, but once they get into office and realize how hard that is, they can't. I don't believe Bush is doing that for the middle- to lower-class either, but unemployment has been at an all-time low until just recently. You have to weigh the pros and the cons, not just keeping digging the cons.

-Jamie, 25
Tall Timbers, MD

I was glad to see a special with John Kerry. It shows that he cares about young people and the issues that will affect us in the coming four years. I hope that President Bush will extend the same courtesy.

-Kate, 22
Albany, NY

While I think that it is great that someone is concerned with outsourced jobs, I also want to know how a man whose own wife, the owner of Heinz Ketchup and its 69 plants, 57 of which are located in countries outside the U.S., can sit there and criticize Bush for doing something that he and his wife profit from every single day of their lives.

-Jenniffer, 18
Lawrenceville, GA

Why didn't you show the part of the interview that dealt with outsourcing jobs? That is by far the most relevant issue concerning the MTV generation. I really don't care if Kerry Googled himself. I care if I will be able to find a good job when I get out of school. I want to know why our government allows corporations to go and pay someone in a third-world country $5,000, while they lay off American workers because they don't want to pay us $35,000.

-Jay, 19
Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for posting the entire Kerry interview online. I know it is not possible to air everything and I am glad that I could read it all.

-Drew, 19
Vermilion, OH

I'm an 18-year-old black female who lives in a single-parent household in Columbia, South Carolina, and because this is my first time being allowed to vote I have paid very close attention to the election. However, I am under the impression that John Kerry is just telling us what we'd like to hear. I watched the 20 million Questions for John Kerry last night and he seemed to answer all the questions in a positive way, but he did, however, neglect to inform us of the steps he would take to make these plans realities. If I had the opportunity, I would like to ask Mr. Kerry, Who are your favorite rappers? Name their songs and tell us why they are your favorite? Also, in four years you cannot change everything, but can you tell us the top three things on your list to change and the steps you plan on taking to have them accomplished. Mr. John Kerry ask not, what my vote can do for you, but what you can do for my vote!

-Tyra Bryant, 18
Columbia, SC

Counterculture today is being a conservative, being responsible for your own actions, not blaming others for your lot in life, and understanding that being an American not only deserves the spoils, but the responsibility as well.

-Mike Gross, 25
St. Petersburg, FL

Someday all you kiddies are going to wake up and see that it's not all clear — black and white — and that the decisions made to go to war, cut taxes, and any number of Bush policies might have been in our best interest. You say you want peace. Well, my friends, you can't have your cake and eat it too. By the way, ask Mr. Kerry how he expects to create 10 million jobs and keep the ones we have in America, because you'll find out that its not up to him: It's always been in our hands.

-Nick, 23
Wayne, NE

Hard to Register?

I don't know how people get off saying it's too hard to register to vote. At least at my state, Ohio, it's not. They basically will do it all for you, if you just ask. People: get off your butts and make a difference.

-Kyle, 17
Dayton, OH

It's hogwash to say 18-year-olds don't vote because of the process. It's more like laziness and not enough pressure to do so from their immediate influences.

-Justin, 23
Brooklyn, NY

Free Speech

I must take issue with the one who stated he can lose his job as a DJ if he says something wrong. That's his company's business -- not the government's -- and they do it because their listeners demand it.

-Alfredo Lars, 20
Palmdale, CA

Politics and TV

I am 18 and a new voter (obviously), but I am very angry at the outlook some of my peers take on voting. Recently, in my local paper, a letter to the editor was written about the Missouri primary. The author of the letter just recently turned 18, and he complained that there were not enough TV ads to let the voting public know who to vote for. I'm sorry, but if people are voting based on those TV ads structured to bash other candidates, then I really don't want them voting. It's your responsibility as a voter to find out who is the best candidate for you to get behind. Do your research and I'm sure you will find someone you would like running your country for this election.

-Ashley, 18
Wildwood, MO

I have to say, I love watching all the negative candidate-bashing ads. They're what make elections fun! Do I learn what I need to know about the candidates' specific platforms and issues? No, of course not. You have to do your homework for that. What I do think is totally pathetic are the people who vote for someone based on personality or looks. Read their platforms and decide whether you want them to take more or less of your money. Decide based on issues you think are important: for me, the First and Second Amendments are primo. A lot of people love the First but hate the Second Amendment. I think the Second Amendment enforces the right to have the First.

-Katie, 17
Silver Spring, MD

MTV consistently makes America look bad, to the point that they are encouraging terrorists like bin Laden to continue attacking us. As long as MTV gets to show some nipple and sell commercials, terrorists will bash this country.

-Mannerstein, 21
New York, NY

Costly College

I feel that one of the reasons people are turned off in regards to voting is the massive amount of name-calling and finger-pointing that goes on from one candidate to another. It would be refreshing to see a candidate come out and say something like "what we have is working, but I feel that things can be maintained more efficiently with some of the ideas I have" or something to that effect. What we currently have from candidates is, "What they are doing is completely wrong and ridiculous." Another area that I have concern with is my higher-education tuition, and the rate that it increases from year to year. As it stands, I am currently $35,000 in debt with college loans in a four-year preveterinary medicine program, and professional school will be much, much more. It is frustrating to see so many people receive money in the form of grants, then see myself with little or no help with college tuition. There comes a point in everyone's life when they just need some help, and that time for help is now. So many of my friends have removed themselves from four-year institutions because of the ongoing fear of someday not being able to afford the "minimum" payments that are due 6 months after you graduate from school. I live in fear as each and every day is one step closer to the day my payments start. The amount of money required for people to attend higher-education institutions has gotten out of hand. How can anyone put a price on one's dreams? It is also frustrating to see my loan money go to college football players. Don't get me wrong, I do love attending my college's football games, but why should my life and dreams be compromised, and my money sacrificed, so they can win a few more games to bolster the attitudes of my institution? I have personally seen hard-working professors from my university lose their only source of income as a result of "budget cuts." What I can't figure out is why the football and basketball team do not receive "budget cuts" and the answer to that is attention. College teams bring in massive amounts of money to the school, but without professors (who are also still attempting to pay off college loans) there would be no school. My question for you, Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry and all the other people running in this election, is where does the buck stop? What are your plans to change this growing problem? A little help can go a long way. With a little help from you, you could get a large amount of help in return. After all, we the people are the ones who employ you. I know that there are many things going on in the world that make these complaints seem less than mediocre, but I am sure there are others who feel this way. We the people all need help every once in a while and when we receive little-to-no help, then we just give up. I hope these concerns are taken to heart and hit close to home with others.

-Dustin, 22
Pullman, WA

Local Elections

Right now, my school (Henderson Community College, in Henderson, Kentucky) is conducting a voter registration drive. I have never seen so much dedication in the students that are signing people up. I think it is important to vote, because our current governor has cut federal money to state schools and it made the tuition go up. People gripe about it, but they didn't even vote in the November election. I can't wait until the presidential election so I can make a difference on whether or not we stay in Iraq.

-Tara, 19
Henderson, KY

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