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03.17.04 5:30 pm

The whole smear-ad campaign is too much to handle already. If the negativity keeps up, Americans will get so incredibly sick of both Kerry and Bush by the time the elections roll around that their apathy will grow and produce another unacceptably low voter turnout. We don't care how much the other guy sucks, tell us about your issues!

-Rachel, 18
Mechanicsburg, PA

I don't understand why people are so up in arms over the three seconds of 9-11 footage in Bush's ads. It's not exploiting the terror attacks for political gain. It was and will be a defining moment in our nation's politics, and I'd much rather have that date cemented in our minds, rather have it end up being political taboo.

-Neil, 18
Manchester, NH

Young Conservatives

Thank you so much for showing the conservative side of politics during your MTV News segment. It's great to know there are others out there like myself, who are young and conservative and interested in politics.

-John, 22
Lincoln, NE

Education Spending

Bush wants to raise $200 million for his campaign, while schools everywhere slowly deteriorate. Why not raise $200 million for public schools? Politicians spend too much money to win, when they could help out their community and get real, heartfelt votes.

-Michael, 18
Huntsville, AL

Gay Marriage

Of course gay marriage should be allowed in America. In fact, it should not even be a question. To say that gay marriages are unconstitutional on any sort of religious basis is, in and of itself, an unconstitutional statement. Nothing in the Bible or any other religious text is legally allowed to be the basis for any legal argument. That is a violation of the essential principles of the separation of church and state, which is a founding American principle. If someone with the power wishes to marry two gay people, no law should stop him.

-Maggie, 17
Chad Fordes, PA

I think that those who equate the act of civil disobedience of gay marriage today with that of civil disobedience in the 1960s South are both ridiculous and offensive. Those who supported desegregation in the South were risking the lives of themselves and their families. Today, if two men or two women get married in defiance of the law, they get a round of applause and champagne. There is no way whatsoever you can compare the two. African-Americans were simply demanding the rights granted to them as citizens of the United States under our constitution and our laws. Gay rights activists are asking us to create new ones to accommodate their needs, and by doing that we come just this much closer to tearing the moral fabric of our nation apart.

-Kelley, 19
Plymouth, NH

Why does it matter about gay marriage? Bush should be trying to break up the hate in this world, not the love. And also, these gay couples are going to stay married a lot longer than the majority of American couples (men and women couples) because they have fought to get married.

-Lindsey, 18
Ingleside TX

The idea to make it mandatory for churches to marry gay couples is ludicrous. That violates freedom of religion. Catholic churches will not marry gay couples, but they're trying to make it so they must. As soon as it becomes a law, someone will go straight to the Catholic Church and sue them because they won't marry them.

-Colleen, 19
Edinboro, PA

Voting Rights for Prisoners

When you commit a crime there should be a punishment. When you break the law you forfeit your voting rights. Plain and simple. I know people can change their ways, but there ought to be a lasting punishment for committing a crime. These prisoners took away somebody's life or livelihood; I just don't understand how these bleeding hearts are so quick to ignore that.

-Ross, 23
Nashville, TN

I think people who were/are in jail should have the right to vote. Some of the people who are put in jail didn't do anything wrong to be in there. And the people who are in there because of a crime, I don't see the big deal. I mean, they are still people, and what goes on in the world does concern them too.

-Morgan, 16
Richmond, VA

True Life Iraq

No one should have to live in the fear that has been shown on this episode. I will never again tolerate people complaining about strict parents again! They don't know how great it is to live in America until they see that.

-Dayle, 17
Fort Meyers, FL

Urban Outfitters T-Shirt

If people actually took the shirt seriously, then that's their own fault for being so easily influenced. People are going to vote or not vote regardless of a stupid T-shirt! Whoever actually took the time to make a stink about it should find a better use for their time!

-Marie, 19
Tempe Arizona

About the Urban Outfitters shirt, I know they were probably just trying to make a cute shirt and money, but that might make people think that it wouldn't be cool at all [to vote]. For a very long time [many] people couldn't vote at all. Eventually women and black people got to vote. So I don't care how old or young you are — if you can vote, then vote. Your voice matters.

-Sam, 14
Columbus, IN

I think the issue with the "Voting Is for Old People" shirt is pointless. It's just a shirt, and Americans are free to think what they want. People should loosen up and stop taking things so freaking seriously.

Hickory, NC


The articles in "Voting 101" make me really worry about where our country will be in 20 years. Laurence believes that one should vote based upon a person's ability to win, while another believes that we should elect the leader of our country based on looks. This leaves me dumbfounded. So if Hitler were running, and he looked the part and had the popularity, these two would elect him. This tells me that a lot of young Americans are immature and uninformed. I don't know that I really want these two at the polls. I actually care about what the state of our country will be like when I have kids.

-Meg, 21
Atlanta, GA

Theoretically, the presidential elections should be based upon who can do the most good for the country, as considered by the American people. I wish that the election was less about what each candidate lacks, or is not capable of, and more about what each candidate can provide. Maybe if the process was to be stripped of all of the propaganda and glitz, citizens would be more able to make educated, well-informed choices about their fates.

-Mia, 20
New York, NY

Why do the military records of both President Bush and John Kerry come into play? We don't let active military personnel in office, so why base someone's electability on their military service record?

-Jake, 16
Natchitoches, LA


I think that celebs need to shut their mouths. Just because they are famous does not give them the right to tell America what to think. It is sad that they really believe that the government should do what they tell them to just because they are famous. They are no better than me, but do you see me getting a press conference?

-Adam, 22
Orlando, FL

I am tired of you people showing a band (Incubus) that displays Bush as Hitler. Now look, don't give me crap about this "freedom of speech" and "conservatives are fascist" thing here. America is at a time at war, like it or not. If our President, no matter who it is, is portrayed as someone evil like Adolph Hitler, it would give pleasure to America's enemies.

-Maxwell, 21
Los Angeles, CA

Voter Registration

I think MTV's Choose or Lose is perfect for those who don't know how to register, because in New York City you need to go through so much. I was amazed of how fast I did it online [at Choose or Lose]. Some teens thinks it's a waste of time, that their votes don't count. I'm voting this year for the first time ... I'm excited!

-Anthony, 18
Brooklyn, NY

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