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'Voting Is for Old People' T-Shirt
03.10.04 5:30 pm

This shirt rocks! It was never meant to be taken seriously. Hell, I own the shirt and I wore it to go vote in the primaries. Loosen up, America.

-CeCelia, 20
Eau Claire, WI

I don't take any offence to the shirt. Most young people I know can't be bothered to make it to the polls. If they do go to the polls, it's only for presidential, mayoral and gubernatorial elections. Most don't even know how voting works.

-Martha, 22
Brooklyn, NY

Celebrities and Politics

Just wanted to say how cool Jake Gyllenhaal's "I'm Young and I Voted" shirt is. I'm a registered voter and I wouldn't mind rocking that shirt at school to help promote voting in our generation.

-Chuck, 20
Union City, CA

I think it's great that celebs put their input into voting issues. Believe it or not, they have a lot of pull in this country and throughout the world. An opinion is an opinion and everyone has the right to free speech. However, when a celebrity publicly defames our president, that's wrong. Whether people see Iraq for what it really is or not is completely up to them, but Bush had a reason and a good one at that. I'm a United States Marine and my platoon led the entire military north into Baghdad with only 20-something of them. Bush did a good thing by going into Iraq. Without that happening, perhaps the unthinkable could have.

-Zac, 19
Camp Lejeune, NC

The More-Than-Two-Party System

I am not a Republican or a Democrat. Why, you might ask? Because unlike those people, and any people who side with them, I use the greatest gift from God ... my brain! Once again, Ralph Nader has entered the race. Man, this looks like another loss for the Democrats. People act like Nader is a Democrat and he should be upset that he "stole votes" from Al Gore! The votes were not stolen. People actually used their brains and voted for somebody other than a major party candidate.

-Brett, 19
Knoxville, TN

Choose or Lose is a great way to familiarize new voters with the issues and candidates. With the influence that MTV has over our generation, I was a bit disheartened to find such a narrow list of presidential candidates representing only three parties. I think one of the biggest problems previous generations have left us with is the idea of a twoparty system lacking in choice. I was especially surprised not to see any Libertarian candidates listed, since they seem to represent the views of most of my peers. If enough of us "throw away" our votes on nonDemocratic/Republican candidates, we may actually live to see some real changes in this country.

-Alyzzio, 21
Detroit, MI

'True Life: I'm Living in Iraq'

I wanted to thank you for showing "True Life: I'm Living in Iraq." It makes me proud to be an American when I see what good we are doing over there. I think we all take our freedom for granted, and don't really think about what it has cost us or is costing us to be able to speak out against things we don't agree with. I have family who are overseas, and just the thought of them going through the struggles every day makes me really proud. Thanks again, and thank you to all the troops who are fighting to give us a voice.

-Lisa, 22
Duluth, MN

My unit and others from the 3rd all serve in Iraq and some of us are watching your show, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing this. It will show people what we really go through in that country.

-Robert, 29
Fort Stewart, GA

Before watching this documentary, I had preconceived notions of MTV as a vain, ignorant channel catered specifically to the kind of vain, ignorant person I tried so hard not to be. This poignant story proved me wrong and actually drove me to tears. No other show was capable of depicting the harsh reality of the war in Iraq and those affected by it.

-Rena, 16
New York, NY

Most young people take it for granted that people go overseas and defend our country. We need to see the sacrifices these young men and women make for all of us. The thing that struck me the most was when the young man said, "Don't ever say your life sucks again, because it doesn't, because you are there and we are here." So true. Thank you.

-Mandi, 21
De Pere, WI

Gay Marriage

Good for the Mayor of San Francisco. Why shouldn't he let gays and lesbians marry? If a samesex couple loves each other enough, why shouldn't it be legal to marry them like a straight man and woman? That gay couple might love each other more than most straight couples love each other.

-Angela, 18
Sacramento, CA

I'm not against gay unions; however, I disagree with the vigilante politics implemented by certain politicians. Like many, I grew up learning to obey our laws, not ignore them.

-Jeremy, 18
Fraser, MI

If the politicians were truly concerned about marriage, they should make adultery illegal, not marriage between two people who love each other and just happen to be of the same sex.

-Lorraine, 18
Daly City, CA

Where do you draw the line? If it's love between two people, then can a father marry his daughter? Can a brother and sister get married? How many people can you be married to? Where does it stop? Who knows, if we let it go this far, then in a couple years people will be pushing for rights to marry their pets. All people deserve the right to be happy, but we need to remember that marriage is between a man and a woman. Bush may be pushing it a little too far with a constitutional amendment, but he does not deserve to be lashed out at for trying to help our nation. He is a good president. If you're really for helping your country and proud to be an American, you can disagree with him and have some respect at the same time.

-Kelsey, 15
Galesville, WI

The whole idea that if gay marriage is allowed in America, then where does it stop, is ridiculous! No one is going to marry their cat, or a 13-year-old, or have eight wives. As a gay high school senior who will be voting in the next election, I never want my parents to tell me who to love. And none of my straight friends want their parents to tell them who to love. So how can we allow the Constitution to do that? When it comes to this issue, unless you are gay and have the feelings that gay men and women have, you have no right to say that we cannot love each other. They used to say the same thing about blacks loving whites, and those marriages were banned until the Constitution allowed it to happen. Every amendment in the history of our country has been added to the Constitution to add freedoms to our people. So why should we start taking them away now?

-Ari, 18
Denver, CO

There are such things as civil unions that give gay couples the same rights as any other couple. Why does everything have to be redefined to appease a tiny minority's agenda? Wake up, America.

-Chris, 30
Dallas, PA

I think that the President is trying to ban gay marriages out of ignorance. People who are gay didn't wake up one morning and say, "I think I'll be gay today." I'm sure if they had the choice they wouldn't have wanted to go through all the pain of being gay. When you fall in love with someone it's because of who they are, not because of gender or anything else. For it to be put in the Constitution that they shouldn't be allowed to wed is insane. Didn't the founding fathers base the USA on freedom from religious persecution and the freedom to do as they please as long as they don't break any Constitutional laws? Last time I checked, there wasn't a law against being gay!

-Katie, 19
Springfield, OH

Marriage was founded as a religious ceremony even before the United States was a nation. So to state that the secular world should comment on the rights of the community and the rights of everyone to get married is completely outrageous. If a person wants to get married, they go through whatever religious group they want to associate themselves with and get married. If the group refuses to grant them marriage, that is the group's right to do that for whatever their reasons. I have no problem with gays and lesbians wanting to be considered one in the eyes of the law, but get a civil union, not marriage.

-Alex, 18
Seattle, WA

This country has given rights to African Americans when they needed them and to women when they needed them. Eventually we will give rights to gays and lesbians. Bush may think he can stop change, but he's wrong.

-Erica, 22
Newark, NJ

Vote for Cash?

Americans are moneymotivated. Period. I believe that if we want everyone to get out and rock the vote, incentive will be the key. Why not petition the government for a tax break for all those who vote? I think it will work!

-Lyndy, 20
Uhrichsville, OH

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