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Gay-Marriage Amendment
02.25.04 2:30 pm

Congratulations to G-Dub for alienating a significant segment of the American population by making discrimination one of his major standing points through "religious politics." Can someone please, please tell me how my marrying another man would destroy the moral fabric of American society? This constitutional amendment crap is ridiculous; leave it to the states! I thought Republicans stood against big government. And where is the compassion that Bush promised us? All I smell is hate and division.

Fargo, ND

I do not believe that gay unions should be recognized. I am in no way prejudiced toward people with a different sexual preference than me, but I feel that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, not two people of the same sex. Everyone is so worried about offending someone else because they may not believe in the same God. But what about the majority who do believe in the higher power? Has anyone considered us? And please point out that the majority of all people across the world do believe in a god. I feel that it would just add to the immorality of this corrupt country.

Chicago, IL

I am appalled that President Bush would suggest such a drastic and unnecessary change to our Constitution. This proposed amendment is a giant step backward in the progress we have been making as a society. As a nation founded by those who were different and not allowed to practice their beliefs freely, we are incredibly hypocritical to deny others the same right.

Norwell, MA

I completely agree with Bush's decision to attempt a ban on gay marriages in America. Gay marriages go against the natural, cultural and religious traditions that this country was founded on. If these marriages continue, it will only bring shame upon the United States.

Birmingham, AL

Whether or not you agree with the rights of gays to marry, it should be evident that the Constitution was not meant to deny people's rights. If this amendment were to pass, Bush would be the first president to use the Constitution to deny a group of people rights. What kind of precedent would that set?

Oklahoma City, OK

George W. Bush wants to protect the sacred institution of marriage. Britney Spears can get married for kicks, and that's OK - as long as she marries a man. What's sacred about that? I'm not gay, and living in a rural area with very little diversity, I don't even know anyone gay, but such a blatant attack on personal liberties should be truly disturbing to every American. If you want to deal with homosexual issues, try working on increasing tolerance.

Craryville, NY

Third Parties

Third parties? Like how Nader is responsible for our current president since he siphoned off votes from Gore? No thanks, let's just stick to the two parties.

Middleton, NJ

Every election it is reported that America's youth don't vote. One reason may be that the major media only covers the two major parties. There are legitimate third parties such as the Libertarian Party. If MTV and the rest of the media would report extensively on them, a third party vote would not seem like a wasted vote. I didn't see any mention of third parties on this site. There are more than two choices.

Layton, UT

A lot of young people, and people of all ages, are fed up with both the Democrats and Republicans. They're both screwed up and basically the same. The government has gotten way too big for its own good. They try to be everything for everyone and end up falling flat on their face. The government's only job should be to protect us from real threats without violating any of our natural freedom we are all born with. They need to stay out of the other countries' business and only defend our land. Even when they try to help out other countries they just end up screwing them up even more. Private charities can help the poor more than the government ever has or will be able to. Every day more and more unnecessary and freedom-restricting laws are passed and it needs stop now. The war on drugs has done nothing more than make drugs more profitable for the dealers and ultimately killed millions. Lots of political theories have been tried in history, and one of the biggest failures was communism, so why in America are we trying more and more socialist policies? The only solution is less government.

Canton, MI

I am so sick of reading these comments from my peers who have believed this propaganda that's been spoon-fed to them by the Bush administration. I hear things like "The incredible leadership our president showed after the attacks on September 11, 2001 has proved him to be more than worthy of a second term." We need to point out the fact that Bush followed violence with violence, and acted with vengeance. All this seems very ironic because it contradicts his religious platform that he has been using to con votes. When you have former soldiers hosting your shows on MTV it might not be a "hey join the army"-type plug but the underlying connotations of the fact just play into free advertisement for the armed forces. Someone needs to speak out on MTV and stand up for a belief shared by more young adults all over the world. Many of us will never join the military, not because we don't love our country but because we refuse to kill our brothers and sisters around the world. When I see John Kerry saying how he wants to increase the size of our armed forces, I see a "watered down George Bush." MTV should take more responsibility for their influence over young people in this country and give us just as much political coverage of THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES!

Santa Barbara, CA

President Bush Pro and Con

Bush made a decision based on what was presented to him. If you knew how the intelligence system worked you would see why he made the decision to invade Iraq. My brother is a combat medic in the army and whereever he goes he knows why he's there, because he signed the contract. Knowing that my best friend - my only brother - may die and may see war in the next four years, I still stand behind my president. I know he isn't a liar and did what was best for our nation as well as Iraq. So I stand behind him and I pray for him and the brave American soldiers who keep this nation a free one.

Fairfax, VA

The only reason Bush has a chance to get re-elected (and I'm afraid he will) rests in the fear the citizens of our country have of anyone posing a threat to us. People have to realize that other countries, like North Korea, are going to develop destructive weapons to protect their country; just like the United States does. You don't see countries attacking us because they "heard" we have nuclear capabilities. Our focus in this election year should be the well-being of the citizens living in the United States. Issues such as unemployment should matter. Vote with best interest of our citizens in mind ... not terrorism. By the way, last I heard, George W. is the only president since WWII to have an increase in the unemployment rate during his term. Keep it in mind. Vote anyone but Bush.

Kalamazoo, MI

Wake up everyone, Bush did the right thing invading Iraq. Saddam has been a serious threat since the early '90s, they could have invaded our land at any second. Also, I'm sick of paying $1.75/gal. to fill up my Navigator, we've got to get control of that oil. We've liberated the people of Iraq from WMD.

Miami, FL

"The youth of today have no right to say a thing about the president or the military or the way this country is run unless they step up and take the same oath." The oath to die for saving oil fields? Or the oath to die to line the pockets of Bush and his cronies' business interests in general? What about taking a personal oath not to believe everything you are told and to question authority? What about acknowledging that you've been lied to and your leaders treat you as collateral damage, and your life is totally expendable for them as long as they continue to dominate and bully world politics in blatant disregard of the UN? We disregard countries all over the world who are in violation of human rights (the list now officially includes the U.S.) and you try to justify the war in Iraq while the people of Iraq are living in worse conditions than the past 20 years.

Portland, OR

Urban Outfitters T-Shirt

I think it is truly unfair when a government composed almost completely of men gets to make a choice on a woman's right to choose. Young women need to get out there and vote in order to protect their right to be in control of their own bodies!

North Las Vegas, NV

That Urban Outfitters shirt is a slap in the face to any young educated person and should be taken off the shelf.

San Marco, TX

It's a piece of cloth, get over it! Why don't people worry about more important things, perhaps crime, instead of putting all their energy into arguing about articles of clothing.

Orlando, FL

I think that Kat Storemski has just insulted every young voter's intelligence in this country with her stand against Urban Outfitters. It is my belief that if a simple T-shirt could affect the thought process of a young voter in such a way that they would chose not to vote, then I am scared for our country. If a T-shirt could change your mind about voting then you are clearly not competent to vote in the first place. Take it for what it is: a T-SHIRT, and make responsible and educated decisions.

Montclair, NJ

College Aide

Why does everyone think that they deserve free money to pay for school, especially if you can't be sure you're going to finish what you start? Why don't you make the kids take out the loans and then when they graduate with a degree and knowledge then reward them for their hard work? Don't just hand out money to kids who might only want to go to school for the social life. Make kids realize why they are at college and maybe you'll cut back on the amount of drugs and alcohol being consumed.

Waukesha, WI

Youth Voice

I am sick of the old people of this country deciding on how they will run the country, if the youth want to know how the youth will react, get someone who is not 60 or older to run this country, go for the 35-year-olds. Old people just want to be secure when they're done. Seriously, look at the presidential race. Our youngest was Kennedy, he was shot because of his crazy ideas. Youth needs to step up. Not older people.

Yakima, WA

I'm not yet 18, but I will be within two weeks. The majority of the kids I know don't really care and tune out when the topic of presidential candidates comes up. I admit, I just recently educated myself on the candidates. I figured since I'm on the verge of 18, it would be wrong of me to not cast my vote, or to cast a vote that I was incorrectly informed about. I think that everyone of legal age, true patriot at heart or not, should vote. Again, I admit that I am far from a patriot; everything about this country, I more than likely disagree with. But that's all the more reason for me to cast my vote; I can help change things suitable to my views. So no matter what kind of person you are, whether or not your friends think voting is cool, or whether or not you want to, give voting a try ... you never know what one person's influence can do.

Erie, PA

Howard Dean Is Missed

I'm disappointed that Dean is out of the race. What really bothers me about it is that the media is citing his enthusiastic speech as a reason for his "failure." I, personally, saw nothing wrong with it. I think it shows that he is energetic and determined, which is something we need in a leader. I haven't seen that kind of enthusiasm in any of the other candidates. Also, he seemed to be the only person running who realized that there is a whole generation of new voters out here, most of whom are undecided and whose issues and concerns need to be addressed. Don't get me wrong, I am still going to vote in this presidential election, but I just feel that we may be missing out on a great potential leader.

Hebron, CT

The Issues

I wish more youngsters would quit watching TV (MTV) and put more effort into reading and learning the facts. As soon as people realize that movie stars and musicians are ignorant and out of touch, the more we have an opportunity to teach the truth.

Chandler, AZ

I think that our next president should focus more on education programs than capturing bin Laden. There are so many "ghetto" schools everywhere but still the government decides to spend millions on a new gun and can't afford new computers at a school. These people need to get their priorities straight.

Flagstaff, AZ

I think that the presidential race has not turned into a race on the issues or on who America thinks would be a better president, but has turned into a race of parties. The Democrats have publicly announced that their main goal is to get George Bush out of office, that was their stand point from the beginning. They are more focused on electability then they are on the actual issues of the race: health care, Social Security, the war. These issues have taken a side seat to the power that the Democrats are trying to grasp. Please, all of the people that are thinking about voting for electability, please reconsider your vote. Electability is not democracy, it is a term for those wishing to manipulate democracy.

Seattle, WA

Ralph Nader

What is going through Ralph Nader's head? Can't he see that by running he's going to be taking away potential votes for the Democratic nominee? That's what happened in 2000, and it allowed Bush to get the upper hand in taking advantage of the election. I have a bad feeling about this. Get out to the polls, everyone. Come November, vote for John Kerry.

Dobbs Ferry, NY

I truly hope that MTV adds Ralph Nader to the Vote Smart page. It's time young voters find out what he actually stands for. It would be great to see 20 million for Nader in 2004. Editor's note: Ralph Nader has been added to the Choose or Lose Vote Smart section. Click on "Vote Smart" in the top navigation.

State College, PA

Outside Opinion

I come from South Africa, and from the outside, America looks like a perfect place for anyone with money and the right contacts, but like an abyss for anyone else. That's the attitude many foreigners have about the USA, and I think you guys should do something to change that image if you want the full support of the world, not because they are scared or intimidated by you, but because they trust you to do the right thing!

Johannesburg, South Africa

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