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February 20-25
Running the Country
02.19.04 4:30 pm

People need to focus on why Bush did what he did. I know people might not agree about going to war. Even if everyone did agree, America wouldn't be so great. It would be some stuck-up country. But it's not. That's what is so great.

Dunlap, TN

Bush should stop creating wars and sending people to space. Fix the problems here on planet Earth!

Norwalk, CA

It's time for a real G.I. Joe to be in the White House again. After a couple of fakes, like Clinton and Bush Jr., let us elect "someone who has been there" and knows what it means to actually sacrifice for your country.

Colorado Springs, CO

We should get rid of Bush because the things he says and does, whether he realizes it or not, offend a lot of people. He doesn't make laws based on what's good for the people and the country. He makes them based on his religious beliefs and the way he was brought up. You can't run a country based on your personal beliefs and how you feel about everything because eventually it will all fall apart.

Coram, NY


I want to know when the heck the politicians are going to realistically look at the issue of disabilities. The elderly are not the only ones who are affected by Social Security. Those of us with disabilities are majorly affected. I got denied SSI help twice because the doctors did not request my medical files.

Wellston, OK


I'll tell you why I'm a Republican: I know how to spend my money better than the government does. Tax cuts are necessary because it's my money that I've earned. George Bush understands that. I am middle class and I'm not being slighted in the least. This business about Bush giving breaks to the wealthy is a lot of BS. Who do you think pays most of the taxes in this country? The wealthy. They pay more and they get more. Bottom line.

Columbia, SC

[Too many] of our tax dollars are spent on the war in Iraq. I am strongly against supporting the war, but do I have a choice? No! President Bush has no right to start a war for false accusations and without consent of the U.N. or the American people. So I say it's time for a change!

New York, NY

It is amazing to me how the MTV generation became the 'What can I get for free?' generation. Nothing is free: Hard-working Americans must pay for other people's education, for other people's health care, food, housing and the list goes on and on.

Philadelphia, PA

How does a candidate plan on cutting taxes and still have the money to provide us with free programs? Cut wasteful spending, but will that be enough? How do you know they won't spend the money on something else? We must look behind the message.

Waterloo, IA


Just because [abortion] is legal doesn't mean it is a substitute for condoms or birth control. It is just for those instances when 15-year-olds made a mistake and don't want to ruin their lives. Yes, it is sort of killing a baby, but does anyone actually remember being in someone's stomach? I do not think so.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I think it is truly unfair when a government composed almost completely of men gets to make a choice on a woman's right to choose. Young women need to get out there and vote in order to protect their right to be in control of their own bodies!

Chicago, IL


In the past I have rented a van on Election Day to make sure [people] actually go out and vote. We all don't need to go that far, but encourage your friends to do more than register. Make them act on it!

Tilton, IL

As an intern for the New Voters Project, I really appreciate the stance MTV News and Kat Storemski took on the T-shirt. I think it's horrible that Urban Outfitters, a corporation with such an influence on youth -- including my little sister, a high-school freshman -- would take the risk of harming the voting inclinations of an entire generation.

Indianola, IA

Once again, Urban Outfitters is trying to 'provoke deep thought' by releasing some ridiculous product. To them it might be a joke, a play on words, but to millions of impressionable young people across the nation, it is a literal message. Many more will claim to get it, and will say that a T-shirt doesn't influence their thinking, but every day we are bombarded by all kinds of inane references. You might think you are filtering them, but they are really embedding themselves somewhere in your mind for future reference. Urban Outfitters needs to get real and find a better brand of humor.

Baltimore, MD

When I first read the Urban Outfitters shirt, I was pretty offended. Then I realized voting is for old people; you need to be at least 18. It would have been funnier if Urban Outfitters added that.

Oakland, CA

I go to college six hours away from where my parents live, and my spring break happens to be when the primaries are. If I go home, I will not be able to vote because I am no longer registered there. Why can't you just show them your ID and your voter registration card? I hate that I have no choice in where I want to vote. I can only vote at the elementary school by my house. Why can't I do it on campus or anywhere I want to?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Human/Environmental Rights

Animal rights, the right to choose what to do with your own body, children's educational rights -- what about equal rights for all races? Or the environmental right of having clean air and water for generations to come? Whose rights are we willing to ignore? From 2000 to 2004, John Kerry voted the preferred positions of the Human Society, the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights League, the National Education Association, the National Advancement for Colored People and the National Park and Wildlife Conservation Society 100 percent of the time.

College Park, PA


I hope people remember we are facing a huge ongoing war against people who hate us and will do anything to kill us and our interests. We need a president who will be a strong leader and defender of our country. Let's not forget the presidency the terrorists came in under.

-M. Parker
Riverside, CA

More people have to start thinking for themselves and stop listening to idiot music and movie stars that are so far left that it's not even worth listening to. Sometimes people have to go to war for the benefit of the world, and too many people just don't understand that. They never have an answer when it comes to what Saddam did to his people, do they?

Kenosha, WI

If the war is over, why are soldiers still dying in Iraq?

Eldora, IA

Bush did great things for this country, the world is safer without Saddam (who was in breach of numerous U.N. resolutions, not that I'd expect MTV or any other left-wing-biased media to remind you of that). The economy is up and the global terrorist network is severely disrupted. As for me, I'm voting Bush. Do your homework, people. You are too intelligent to be manipulated by Web sites like this. Watch Fox News for a week and read articles. If you still don't vote Republican, fine, but at least you know what the other side has to say. Anything else is just plain ignorance.

Tulsa, OK

Over 300,000+ mass graves have been found of dead Iraqis Hussein had murdered. Why didn't the U.N. act? Why did America have to act? There may not have been weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but there were graves of mass destruction. People who are opposed to the war should talk to the widows, parents, sons, daughters, friends and other family members of those who died at Saddam's hands and then form their opinions. It's high time the U.N. starts to act, or else America will keep on acting like any right-minded nation should!

Redwood, CA


I live near Buffalo, New York, and I see money every day going toward casinos and beautifying a city covered in snow instead of going toward real progress like education. Is the government going to do something about that? I refuse to vote for someone who isn't going to do anything about the education system these days. College education is slowly becoming more and more devalued. Just about anyone can get a college education. When are we going to go back to the days when a college degree really meant something?


When [the candidates] say we are going to give high school seniors $10,000, why don't ya'll ask where that money is going to come from? It seems in order to achieve this goal, they will have to increase taxes significantly. Some people might think it's worth it, others might have a problem with that part. I just believe that if you are going to bring up an issue, yes, it sounds good the way they say it, but there is a whole other side to it that ya'll are conveniently leaving out and that's not fair to voters.

Dallas, TX

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