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February 14-19
02.14.04 6:30 pm

When the young soldier in the [Choose or Lose launch special] got to ask when he can expect his friends home, why didn't you take him to Dennis Kucinich's campaign? Dennis, the only candidate with a real exit plan, could have told him 90 days. He also could have told him about how he could receive free tuition to public college education! Dennis is ignored by the media enough, and it makes me sick.

Lititz, PA

I have a problem with this kid that served with the 101st. He is saying that it is President Bush's fault that he had to go to Iraq. Sorry, but you were the one that signed the contract. You took the oath that says that you choose to protect the U.S and carry out the orders handed down from the Commander in Chief. I am currently in the United States Marine Corps and serve and if need be die for this country, so my wife and daughter and rest of my family can live free. The youth of today have no right to say a thing about the president or the military or the way this country is run unless they step up and take the same oath and serve the country like I and so many others have done.

Jacksonville, NC

I really want to commend Sgt. Chris Herzfeld for taking such an interest in the upcoming election. He truly can understand what decisions made by politicians can mean. He fought for this country and now he is fighting to ensure that politicians listen to young voters and that young voters (like me) get out there, vote and make a difference. Good luck and keep up the good work!

New Castle, PA

I think Bush should not have declared war on Iraq. He did not have a reason to. He told us one thing, then another. He didn't have his facts straight and risked the lives of many Americans and killed many Americans by not letting the United Nations take part in this in the beginning. Instead he decided that our brave Americans should! Come on, it's insane.

PortJeff, NY

The President does not have absolute power. In order for the troops to go over there, it must be approved by Congress. That is why we have the process of checks and balances. So blame your state representatives also for troops being overseas.

Las Cruces, NM

I am currently serving in the Army, and I want to know why it is that the media is worried about Iraq when in fact the true threat was al Qaeda forces? There are many soldiers who are getting ready to deploy to this foreign nation and they are pretty much unmotivated to go there! All that President Bush has done is go to Iraq and talk to those soldiers. What about the ones in Afghanistan?

Schofield Barracks, HI

The incredible leadership our President showed after the attacks on September 11, 2001, have proved him to be more than worthy of a second term. The Taliban no longer exists in power in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda is on the run. It looks like weapons will not be found, but I still agree with President Bush's decision, it is better to act before someone else acts upon you, and invading Iraq stopped any type of weapons program they had. To say Saddam Hussein didn't want weapons of mass destruction is the true lie. He has used them before on his own people. Who is to say he wouldn't use them on America?

East Haddam, CT

I have spent four years in college to earn a college degree in Criminology. Now I can't even get a job in my field because of budget cuts in corrections and law enforcement. I want youth of the future to know that if they don't make a change in November, they too will have loans to pay and no job to pay for it.

Columbus, OH


Upon my graduation from pharmacy school, I find I'm already considered rich. Do you have student loans? I do. If you make more than 50k you cannot deduct the interest on your taxes. What is that about?

Brandon, FL

I wish [MTV would] focus more on youths not attending college. They should focus on the youths out there working. [They are] important to the voting process too.

-Tristan Wargo
Mahanoy City, PA

I want someone to address the issue of higher-education funding. With 9.9 percent tuition increases every year, this is getting ridiculous.

East Lansing, MI

The outsourcing of American jobs needs to be an important issue. Without a job, there will be no economic growth.

San Antonio, TX

I think it's very confusing as an undecided voter to really figure out the issues and who believes in what. It will be my second time voting, but this year I can honestly say I have no idea. I don't know what the issues are. Everyone is tackling George Bush and the war. Ratting on each other and the war isn't going to make this country a better place. For once, I'd like to know what the candidates plan on doing to make this country a better place. What about employment? When I graduate in January with my two-year degree in Graphic Design, will I get a job? Will jobs be available? Will I be one of those struggling artists who works as a waitress? Why does it have to cost me $1.89 for a gallon of gas? There are issues. Tackle them. Please.

Reading, MA

I would just like to say that the most important thing to me this voting year is college education. I'm already in debt because of all the loans I've had to take before I even turned 21. I feel that the government needs to look more into making sure the youth can go to school and make a better future. They need to look at it as these young adults are our future presidents, senators, police officers, firefighters, lawyers, nurses, doctors, accountants, and the list goes on. Help us better ourselves.

Bronx, NY

On [your TV program] a young lady asked how she was to pay for college. Last time I checked the federal government is not charged with paying for anyone's higher education. That said, the G.I. Bill is for those serving in the military, and is not free money. Military personnel have done something to earn that money and did not demand a free government handout.

Bellevue, NE

Some candidates say they are going to help first-year college students pay for their first year of school, but what about all the other students? I realize their plans will cover other students, but none of them have mentioned any details for us. Also, how are they going to pay for this?

Tahlequah, OK

When [the candidates] say we are going to give high school seniors $10,000, why don't ya'll ask where that money is going to come from? It seems in order to achieve this goal, they will have to increase taxes significantly. Some people might think it's worth it, others might have a problem with that part. I just believe that if you are going to bring up an issue, yes, it sounds good the way they say it, but there is a whole other side to it that ya'll are conveniently leaving out and that's not fair to voters.

Dallas, TX


I feel you are pushing the youth into voting the way you feel is cool. That is not Choose or Lose. I will not listen to MTV for my political advice. Stick to music!

Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Inform your viewers and readers about the grassroots processes taking place now, before the November election. To have the most impact on an election, voters need to participate in the primaries and caucus meetings in their localities. That's where the nominee is ultimately decided. If someone waits until November, there are only two choices. If you participate now, the field is wide open.

Richmond, VA

The fact that in 2004 someone can stand in front of America and make homophobic comments is offensive. Even though I don't agree completely with any of the candidates, I'm still going to vote because I think at this point we're better off having anybody besides Bush.

Lowell, IN

Remember that if you don't register, you allow others to make a decision for you. Being 18-30 is all about being independent. Register, research and make an informed decision.

Silver Creek, NY

I am so sick of being told that because I am a young adult I won't participate in the election process. If we started paying more attention to the active minority of young adults in the political world, that group would not remain a minority for long. I was lucky enough to spend the summer in Washington, D.C., working for a presidential campaign. The city known as the world capital of politics is dominated by motivated young adults. If it weren't for the interns, aides and other young adults working in the district, Washington, D.C., would not be able to function. It is time for the media to focus on these aspects of activism and participation in order to motivate and mobilize the young adults of the nation.

Bowling Green, KY

Even though I am not 18 yet I worked for the Howard Dean campaign on Saturday and helped out a lot. The fact that you are not yet able to vote is no excuse to ignore what is happening in our country's politics. There are many ways you can help the candidate that you like, all you have to do is look around.

Muskegon, MI

Decisions are made by those who show up!

Dallas, TX

I'm 26, and I just realized -- we're all sitting around saying the reason we don't vote is because the candidates don't address any issues of interest to our age group. Because we're not voting! Give politics a reason to help us! Vote -- duh?!

Manassas, VA

When people disagree, they look at the First Amendment. As Bob Dylan said, "Don't criticize what you can't understand." Look at issues when you vote.

Omaha, NE

I do not believe that our youth today understands that the right to vote entails more than just pushing a button or pulling a lever once every two to four years. The responsibility begins with educating yourself on the issues. You cannot make an informed decision if you are only listening to what other people have to say. Take the time to educate yourself so you can make the decision that is right for you. If you are making a decision based solely on someone else's opinion, you are being led . Be a leader, think for yourself. Educate, differentiate, don't just emulate.

-L. Smith
Cumming, GA

I am so tired of hearing candidates beat up on the other party. It's like they don't think anyone pays attention to issues anymore. Why can't they just get the faith of the voters instead of turning them against the opponent?

Smyrna, TN

I, like many this year, will be voting for the first time. After the last presidential election, I realized that one vote can make a difference. Several of my close friends were sent to fight a war that I believe was unjust. I am encouraging all young people to vote this year and help make a difference. We can't complain if we do not exercise our right to vote.

Tuscaloosa, AL


I would like to stop hearing people complain about biased reporters. As a journalism student I understand the idea that we are supposed to be able to separate our views from the subject, but that is not always possible, and I think that politics is one of the hardest topics to cover fairly. From what I'm hearing, the problems that people are having are not that the reports are untrue, but that the complaints are coming from those who don't agree with the statements. If you don't agree with the way that something is being portrayed, find another source that is telling the story differently.

Sacramento, CA

The media is ruining the American election system. Polls should not be held until after [the election is] all over. All they do is influence votes.

Provincetown, MA

This is our time. We not only can get news from American media, we can get it from media from other parts of the world. Add to that sniff sniff ... I smell a revolution.

Philadelphia, PA

I think people need to know more about third parties. There are more than just the two parties! Check out the Libertarians, they may be your answer.

Columbus, OH

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