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February 1-7
Politics and MTV?
2.3.04 11:59pm

I'm so glad that the billion-dollar entertainment<br> juggernaut who brought us the brilliant programming of "Jackass" sees fit to tell us how we should vote. I'm assuming that the people who made this site hold PhD's in Political Science, right? (Editors note: We mistakenly published this photo of Jason from Denton, TX next to a comment sent to us by Jason from Desoto, TX. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.)

Denton, TX

College and Jobs
2.3.04 3:08pm

What is going to be done about college, jobs, and all the topics that are conviently skipped over? And what about the inevatible energy crisis that is going to plague mine (20) and my sister's (14) generation?

Desoto, TX

Of the People?
2.3.04 2:21pm

If this is a country for the people then why to we get Presidents that the majority didn't vote for? We need to change the electoral college!

Atlanta, GA

Text Message Your Vote
2.3.04 9:35pm

If millions and millions of people nationwide can vote for some girly guy to be our American Idol, how come they can't vote on a leader of their nation? Do they need to text message their votes to the whitehouse?

Chicago, IL

Gay Marriage
2.3.04 2:57pm

The Fact that a straight man in office is trying to tell me that it is wrong for me to marry the one I love makes me sick. Just because I am gay does not mean that I am a second class citizen. Its my time to say something and I will!

Aberdeen, MD

Gideon Fan
1.29.04 4:00pm

Unfortunately I could not figure out how I could send an e-mail to just Gideon Yago, so this is my attempt. Gideon Yago, I really appreciate all you have done on MTV. I'm probably the only one of my friends, all brand new voters, actually paying attention to the election. Watching your stories actually brings the issues to my level. I'm excited to vote come November and this election will be a very interesting one! I also have other issues I'd like to see &#8212; I've written a few essays myself. I hope to hear from you and thanks again for all that you have done!

-Ashley Sullivan
Raleigh, NC

20 Million Loud
1.29.04 4:00pm

For MTV's Choose or Lose: 20 Million Loud, I have passed out voter registrations forms at my school and between 25 and 35 people have registered and will vote. You can add that to your tally.

East Haddam, CT

COL Anti-Bush?
1.27.04 4:00pm

I think it's great that you're encouraging young people to vote, but as a young person who supports Bush, I feel your coverage is incredibly anti-Bush and hardly promotes the concept of "choice."

Washington, DC

Support for Edwards
1.30.04 4:00pm

It's important for the youth of America to become a voice to be heard within the political realm. I support Sen. John Edwards in his bid for the presidency because he delivers such a positive, encouraging message that speaks to young people and people of the working middle class. I am really interested in this presidential campaign I am planning on going to Virginia this weekend to volunteer for Sen. Edwards. Furthermore, I am running in May for one of the West Virginia voting delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Boston this summer.

Morgantown, WV

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