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February 15-30
Freedom of Speech
1.15.04 4:00pm

It has recently come to my attention that MTV has caused a slight uproar by airing Ohgr's video for 'Majik' which features President George W. Bush in a Hitler type performance. I feel compelled to voice my support for the continued play of this video primarily because I seek to continue the rights of free speech and expression in this country. As Americans we are granted the right to say anything we see fit about this nation or its administration, past or present. Attempts by ultra-conservatives to rob us of this inalienable right should not be tolerated in any circumstance. MTV will always have my support in matters of free speech.

Gainesville, FL

Nothing Wrong With Dean
1.16.04 5:00pm

I find no error in Dean's speech. What is wrong with showing a little enthusiasm? What I am tired of is a speech that is worse than watching paint dry. How many times have we turned the channel when another boring presidential speech has interrupted out tv viewing? These candidates better get with the times. Voters are 18 and over. It's about time someone shows us that we have a voice and are being heard.

Lindenwold, NJ

SOTU Article is Unfair
1.15.04 4:30pm

In regard to the State of the Union speech last night, I think the article written is so unfairly biased towards one side. I personally don't agree with every single thing Bush has done or is doing, but I believe you should at least report his speech in a fair way. Every paragraph pointed out negative and completely biased opinions on Bush's actions. At least compliment the good things he has done if you are going to bash everything else. I don't understand why people argue the WMD search and invading Iraq. How can you say that it was not a good thing to get rid of Saddam and free those people? Do you think they should live in fear and torture for the rest of their lives? I just don't see how people can really try and rationalize that nothing should have been done.

Manassas, VA

MTV Should Represent the Young Generation
1.16.04 5:00pm

Why must this liberally biased media including Viacom's MTV, have to end this news story about President Bush's State of Union with about 5 paragraphs of descent? MTV should represent our young generation which is nowadays overwhelming more conservative with their views then previous generations. Stop the liberal bias in the press!

Jamaica Estates, NY

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