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Election Results

Though I may not have voted for Bush, I am satisfied with the outcome of the election. Finally, it seems, everyone's voice was heard. Congratulations, young America, we stepped up.

-Kathy, 18
Conway, SC

I voted for Kerry. I believed in him and still do. All the young Democrats in Ohio are still very proud of him and all the others who got to the polls to vote, no matter what party. Even though the person I wanted in office lost, I am very happy to be one of the 20 million loud.

-Rachael, 18
Green, OH

On November 2 I felt so connected with my nation knowing that I voted. This election was devastating. All I can say is that I hope Bush doesn't let us, the American people, down.

-Giselle, 18
Galloway, NY

Congratulations to the winner. I'm going to go find an old bomb shelter now. I should be safe there until 2008.

-Josh, 22
Los Angeles, CA

I know so many young people, including myself, were voting for the first time this year in order to precipitate change. Although I am slightly discouraged by the outcome of this election, I am so proud of America's youth for getting involved and going out to vote. If your candidate did not win, please do not get discouraged from voting in future elections! Your vote DID count and always does. If anything, we showed the world that together, no matter where we stand, we are a powerful group and our opinions DO matter.

-Amanda, 21
Cincinnati, OH

Kerry's admirable decision to concede demonstrates what an incredible president we rejected. Keep using your political voice because we will make a difference in the result.

-Kristin, 22
Scottsdale, AZ

I voted for the first time ever, and I am sad to say that I am upset with this country's decision. So I ask myself, "What is going to happen now?" I wish the best for Bush, but I really hope that he doesn't do worse than he has already done.

-Heather, 20
Casper, WY

I voted yesterday, and it really felt like I took hold of my fate for the first time in my life. It was a great feeling afterward to know that I made a difference.

-Angie, 18
Nashville, TN

This election puts a damper on our young generation who voted for the first time. For those of us who voted for Kerry/Edwards, a defeat will ultimately make some of the young voters seem distraught and have an attitude of "my vote didn't matter, so why vote again?" Personally, my vote did count, and I felt that every young person's vote counted as well, but there's got to be a consistent increase of young voter turnout.

-Jason, 23
Marmet, WV

Even though my chosen candidate didn't win, just seeing the diversity of the people at the polls made me feel like I was doing something that was really worth taking the 5 minutes to do. From now on I will take part in voting, just so I can say that I was part of it and my voice was heard.

-Chris, 21
North Brunswick, NJ

I waited three hours in the cold to vote. I believe it was important to vote, especially because I am in a battleground state. Other students felt the same because many of my peers joined me. The longest I heard was of someone who waited six hours to vote. Now that's dedication!

-Sarah, 18
Whitewater, WI

I was very excited about voting for the first time and knowing that no matter what the outcomes of the elections were, I still voted. It was nice to see a good amount of young voters standing in line with me, giving up classes and whatever else to make voting their first priority, as it should be. Good job, kids! Let's keep it up for 2008!

-Zara, 19
Silver Spring, MD

I had a difficult time deciding between the two candidates, but in the end I voted for Bush. To me this was a vote against Michael Moore, Hollywood and anyone else who wants to tell me how I should think because of their status.

-Pete, 25
Mount Prospect, IL

Thank you to Fat Mike from NOFX, P. Diddy, Dave Matthews Band, the Alternative Press,, MTV, the Warped Tour, the Rock Against Bush Tour, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, Green Day, and the millions of others that put so much energy and passion into getting the people that will inherit this country more involved. Though I find Bush's win to be a heartbreaking disappointment, I'm proud the younger generation had a louder, more informed voice. Let's go for 25 million + in 2008. We can make them listen if we're loud enough.

-Kari, 23
Marlton, NJ

I voted for Kerry, and I was hoping that he would win. Bush isn't my favorite president, but I guess I have no other choice but to deal with it. The election was very close, and I am proud that there was a big turnout for younger voters this year. I hope that Bush will help our economy more than he did in the past.

-Shannon, 18
Pine Grove, PA

It felt good being a part of this election by voting. I was surprised when all my brothers and sisters went out to vote. It was because of this "vote or die" campaign.

-Sandra, 21
Dallas, TX

Voting is just one process in the grand scheme of politics. We still have the opportunity to assist in our local communities through grassroots and national organizations that can ignite positive change. It is our responsibility and duty as American and global citizens to do our best to create a nation and world where everyone can live peacefully and safely. This election has taught me that my one voice can still effect change.

-Jourdan, 22
Chicago, IL

I am glad that we as African-Americans turned out in record numbers across the U.S. for the election. Please do not feel that your vote was not needed or was taken in vain. It was well worth it. Thanks to the whole hip-hop community, actors and stars who helped promote this well-run election!

-Renee, 28
Jacksonville, FL

I'm so glad that Bush won! It'll show that celebrities can't decide the president. That the power belongs to the "common man"!

-Lindsey, 17
Atlanta, GA

Congrats to our president and let's get started in change.

-Edgar, 21
El Paso, TX

Although the election did not go the way I wanted, I am still proud that I got to vote. I hope that Bush can make me believe that he deserves to win the Buckeye state. I hope young people everywhere used their right to vote this year. It was crucial, and if you plan to complain about the way the country is run, you better be able to say that you voted to try to change it.

-Heather, 20
Columbus, OH

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