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John Kerry Wins PRElection In Landslide
10.20.2004 11:28 AM EDT

The results of the PRElection are in.

While the results do not represent a scientific sample of voters, they leave little doubt about who the PRElection voters thought should be in the White House for the next four years ...

Overall Votes
John Kerry 59,660 (61.1 percent)
George W. Bush 38,025 (38.9 percent)

Online Votes
John Kerry 24,052 (64.8 percent)
George W. Bush 13,084 (35.2 percent)

Mobile Phone Votes
John Kerry 35,608 (58.8 percent)
George W. Bush 24,941 (41.2 percent)

The information below is aggregate data from the PRElection results and from the more than 35,000 participants who filled out the 10-question exit survey.

Participation and Registration
  • Almost 120,000 used the PRElection to register to vote for real. During the three-week voting period, an average of nearly 6,000 people per day (total 116,479) registered to vote for the presidential election through the PRElection, making the PRElection one of the most used voter-registration tools this election year.

  • 205,000 participants with 48 percent turnout. Of the 205,604 people registered for the PRElection, 48 percent (approximately 97,685) cast votes. About 60,000 voted via mobile phone, and 38,000 voted online.

  • 84 percent of PRElection participants are 18-30 years old. The vast majority (84 percent) of those participating in the PRElection were 18 to 30 years old; 68 percent were between 18 and 24 years old.

  • Voters came from all age groups, and ranged from 13 to 104 years old. While the vast majority of voters were in our 18- to 30-year-old target range, some voters were as young as 13 and as old as 104.

  • Almost nine out of 10 PRElection participants are registered to vote. Over 86 percent (174,763) of PRElection participants are registered to vote for the presidential election.

  • Most used PRElection over other systems. Of these 174,000 registered voters, two-thirds (116,479) used the PRElection to register. This means that the other one-third were either already registered, or registered through a different mechanism.

  • 84 percent of PRElection participants say they are 100 percent certain they will vote.

Issues of Concern

  • More than 53 percent say "Issues" is the most important reason they voted for their candidate.
  • The 35 issues listed below are ranked in order of importance to the 35,000 who filled out the PRElection exit poll. A participant could select as many issues as he/she desired.

    1. War in Iraq: 35.3 percent

    2. Gay marriage & GLBTQ rights: 26.0 percent

    3. Terrorism and homeland security: 25.3 percent

    4. Race relations and discrimination: 22.0 percent

    5. Job security and creating new jobs: 21.1 percent

    6. Drugs, drug abuse and addiction: 20.0 percent

    7. Abortion and women's rights: 19.6 percent

    8. Paying for college: 19.4 percent

    9. General economic issues: 19.2 percent

    10. General foreign policy: 18.8 percent

    11. General education issues: 17.1 percent

    12. Sexual health (HIV/AIDS, STDS, Pregnancy): 15.8 percent

    13. Taxes: 14.2 percent

    14. General environmental issues: 14.2 percent

    15. Don't know: 14.1 percent

    16. Campaign finance reform: 13.8 percent

    17. General health-care issues: 13.0 percent

    18. Oil and gas dependency: 12.0 percent

    19. General crime issues: 11.9 percent

    20. General social issues: 11.7 percent

    21. Stem-cell research: 11.5 percent

    22. Balancing the budget: 11.3 percent

    23. Clean air and clean water: 10.2 percent

    24. Wildlife protection: 8.7 percent

    25. Head Start and early education: 8.5 percent

    26. Nuclear proliferation: 8.5 percent

    27. Immigration: 8.0 percent

    28. Standards and accountability: 7.6 percent

    29. Government corruption: 7.6 percent

    30. Violence in school, community: 7.1 percent

    31. Health-care access and affordability: 7.1 percent

    32. Hate crime: 6.8 percent

    33. Trade policy: 6.7 percent

    34. Domestic violence: 5.9 percent

    35. Corporate scandals: 4.2 percent

  • They want a voice. Fifty-five percent of PRElection participants say the most important reason they're voting is "to have a voice in politics."

  • Satisfied with candidates. Three out of four say they are somewhat or very satisfied with their choices of candidates.

  • Not a religious crowd. Sixty-two percent say they attend religious services just a few times a year, or never.

  • More Democrats than average. Forty-nine percent say they are Democrat, 29 percent say they are Republican, 18 percent say they are Independent.

State-by-State Results
  • Kerry won 46 states and the District of Columbia.

  • Bush won only five states Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Oklahoma.

  • Three states that Kerry won Arkansas, Georgia and Utah were extremely close with Kerry wining by four points or less.

  • If this were a real presidential election, Kerry would have won the electoral college 496 to 42.

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