Seventeen-year-old Taylor was born and raised in sunny San Clemente, Calif., which is probably why she loves to surf, snowboard and play soccer. When Taylor isn't on the beach or playing sports, you can find this high school senior hanging out with her friends, including Ryan Sheckler, or leaning on her family for support.

Taylor is currently in a serious relationship with her high school sweetheart, Casey, who is Ryan's best friend. Although Taylor is the only girl in Ryan's close-knit group of friends, she's not a girlie girl. She actually thinks that being able to keep up with the boys is one of her best characteristics!

Taylor is the rock of her group of friends, and she's often Ryan's sounding board when it comes to girls and dating. She is the person all the guys lean on and the girl all the guys want to be with. Because of that, Ryan's mom, Gretchen, wishes that Ryan could find a girl just like Taylor. Ryan always says that he's looking for Taylor's clone, and this season he just might have found her!