Street Bike Tommy Passemante

A third generation commercial contractor, Street Bike Tommy is the only member of the Nitro Circus that has no discernible skills. But, to his credit, he provides a ton of comic relief for the crew. He may not be a world class athlete, but he never hesitates to his hand at things that are way out of his element. Plus, he's proven himself to be one durable human being, which makes for some gnarly television!

You may know this Internet sensation from the viral video of Tommy overshooting Travis Pastrana's foam pit. Well, here's the full story on this infamous "stunt." Travis' pal Jim DeChamp was getting some input on a rough cut of their Nitro 1 DVD at a mutual friend's house. Tommy just happened to be there and, in a fit of jealousy, told Jim that he thought that it was less than awesome. Taking offense, Jim told Tommy to "put up or shut up," inviting him to a competition at Pastranaland to see who could come up with the best footage, with the winner to receive $2,000. Well, Tommy accepted the challenge and he definitely "put up" in a huge way by overshooting a safe landing in Travis' foam pit while trying to front flip his GSX-R1000. Needless to say, he won the money and became an official member of the Nitro Circus.