The very picture of all-American charisma and good looks, Steven is more than meets the eye. While Steven is straight and very comfortable with his sexuality, he supported himself in business school working as a topless bartender in a popular Texas gay bar. Essentially on his own since age 16, Steven had to learn how to take care of himself from an early age, both physically and emotionally. Always bent on self-improvement and growth, Steven has overcome considerable odds and has grown into a self-assured young man. Steven has a fun-loving sense of humor that has helped him keep things in perspective through difficult times. At the age of 22, in the midst of a troubled period in his life, Steven fell in love and got married. This marriage helped him turn his life in a more positive direction. While he is immensely grateful for the positive influence his wife has had on him, the marriage ultimately failed. Upon moving to Las Vegas, he is in the midst of divorce proceedings and is open and excited to meet new women.

Original bio from 2002